How To Maintain Weight Loss

If you have managed to reach your weight loss target with diligent and sustained efforts, it is truly commendable. However, this is just half the battle won. A large percentage of the population is unable to maintain their weight consistently for years. This is because they lapse into their old ways of binging, not exercising or simply being lazy.

How To Maintain Weight Loss

Maintaining weight loss is lot more difficult than losing it all. It requires tremendous self-control, discipline and consistent weight monitoring efforts. Here are some of the ways by which you can maintain your weight loss without gaining weight.

Tips To Maintain Weigh Loss

Overhaul Your Lifestyle

One of the best ways of keeping weight off is to change your lifestyle completely for good. This essentially translates to disciplined and controlled eating and moderate exercise to keep the weight gain in check. By getting rid of bad habits, you will bid adieu to fat for good.

Look Into Your Reasons For Binging

Eating out once in a while at a social gathering or a party is excusable as it is rude to decline your host’s offers to eat. However, eating or snacking on chips at home when you are sitting in front of the TV is not ok. If you are feeling low, it is normal to head for the bar of chocolate but this will surely pile on the kilos before you even know it.

Emotional eating is very common and one needs to make diligent efforts to keep it at bay. In order to prevent this, have regular meals every 2-3 hours. That way your tummy will remain full and you will be less likely to head for a fatty snack.

Control Your Portion Size

Fad diets do not work for a very long period of time. This is because your body gets deprived of crucial nutrients and craves for them. It is not humanly possible to stay on a diet for years. It can challenge your self-control and you are more likely to go on a binge spree.

The key to sustained weight loss and weight maintenance is to go in for portion control. Eat everything you like in moderation. If you crave for ice cream, go in for one small scoop and not more than that. It will satisfy your taste buds and not make you feel guilty about having binged.

Drink Water

Many people confuse thirst for hunger. This is a huge mistake as we end up eating excess calories when all the body requires is water.

How To Maintain Weight Loss

Make it a habit to have 9-10 glasses of water spaced throughout the day. The water will flush out toxins and also keep you feeling fuller without making you feel hungry.

Stay On Your Feet

People who exercise or are physically active are less likely to overeat. Exercise and physical exertion will keep your mind happily diverted. Exercise also boosts morale, self-esteem and keeps you motivated enough to maintain your current weight loss.

Eat A High Protein Diet

While it is not advised to completely go off carbs, you can altogether cut down on your carb intake and have more of proteins. Proteins are calorie dense and keep you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. They are also lower in calories as compared to carbs and starch. Proteins are also required for you to maintain any muscle tone that you have acquired during your weight loss routine. Eat a diet that is rich in eggs, fish, lean meats and nuts.

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Keep A Track Of Weight

By no means does this mean that you weigh yourself ten times in a day. That is obsessive and not recommended. However, do keep a track of yourself by weighing yourself once a month or once in a fortnight. This will help you keep a check on your dietary intake. You will know where to cut down especially if you have been overeating. People, who maintain their weight, keep a constant track of the numbers on the scale.

Enjoy The Occasional Treats

You do not have to kill yourself to stay fit. Let yourself go once in a while and enjoy your favourite dessert or pastry. The golden rule is to indulge on weekends if you have been good and strict on weekdays. Just make sure you do not overeat even on binge days.

Keep The Company Of Fit People

You are more likely to stay healthy and fit if you keep the company of fit people. If you are a serious gymmer, befriend the regular customers and keep taking constant tips and inputs from them for maintaining your weight. On the other hand, if you hang around with lazy people, you are likely to lapse back to your old way of living. Fitter people are not only healthier people but also are also inspiring and motivated enough to keep you on the track to lifelong fitness.

Stay Balanced

Stay balanced. It is easy to get obsessed with weight loss especially when you see results. Obsession and over training can lead to a drop in performance, injuries and drain out. It is necessary to take the occasional breaks from training in order to give your body rest. This helps you to recuperate and you will come back to your routine with a more positive frame of mind. If you are nearing burn out, change your routine or take a break.

Revel In Compliments

Be around people who compliment you, motivate you and make you feel good about yourself. Words of optimism, encouragement and praise can be very inspiring and will help you maintain your weight loss. Stay away from jealous and negative people.

Get New Clothes

A wardrobe overhaul can make you stay on the path of committed fitness like no other. Clothes can have a positive effect on your bearing, persona and sexual confidence. If you have shed a few pounds, go and indulge yourself in new and sexy dresses that highlight your toned body. Looking good will help you stay on the path of fitness and prevent you from gaining unnecessary weight.