10 Tips To Prevent Acne After Shaving

10 Tips To Prevent Acne After Shaving

Shaving is almost indispensable for men and hence it is a common issue that should be looked into. Shaving can be a wonderful experience but for people, who usually suffer from acne, shaving can be a bitter experience too!

Yes, if your skin is acne prone and you suffer from acne then shaving can sometimes lead to the formation of pimples and acne. These acne, bumps, and pimples caused due to shaving are, in medical terms known as Pseudofolliculitis barbae.

How Does Acne Occur After Shaving?

The style of shaving may differ from person to person. Some men may shave in the wrong way which may give rise to inflammation in the hair follicles. Inflammation can eventually lead to the appearance of acne and pimples. At times, when the hair grows again after shaving, a few hairs may get trapped in the hair follicles.


And when this occurs, it may lead to irritation and swelling. Although, anyone can suffer from acne after shaving, people with curly hair are more likely to be affected by this problem. If you have acne breakout post shaving and want to prevent it then here are some useful tips and information for you to prevent acne after shaving.

Tips On How To Prevent Acne After Shaving

Tip 1

Do not start shaving right away without wetting the area you intend to shave. Warm water should be used to rinse the shaving area prior to shaving. Shaving on a dry surface can cause you irritation and swelling whereas warm water helps in dilating your blood vessels so that more blood is attracted to the area that has to be shaved.

Tip 1

It will also soften your skin and open up the skin pores. Some people find it very convenient to shave in the hot shower because their rough skin surface become supple and shaving becomes easier. You too can try this tip.

Tip 2

The second most important thing to be done in order to prevent acne after shaving is to use a good quality shaving cream. Some people are in such a hurry that they don’t even use shaving cream and later on suffer from inward hair growth, acne, pimples, irritation, etc.


Shaving cream or shaving lotions help to protect your skin and they also provide the necessary moisture to your skin. Select a shaving cream that is thinner, filmier and provides good foamy lather. This will help your razor to glide over the skin surface to be shaved without causing inflammation and irritation. When there is no irritation or minimum irritation, acne formation after shaving can be prevented. Use the shaving cream or lotion generously in order to get maximum benefit.

Tip 3

If you suffer from acne bumps or razor bumps then you should avoid shaving each day. You can escape shaving for 2 to 3 days if clean shaved face is not the requirement of the department you work in. Giving rest to your skin for 2 -3 days helps your skin to heal well as well as fast.

Tip 4

If you want to prevent acne after shaving then you must avoid the use of double-bladed razors because on one hand they damage your dermis and on the other they may cause your hairs to come out of the hair follicles. This can cause irritation when hair growth takes place through the blocked follicles.

Therefore, for you the best option is to use single-blade razors. One blade should not be used for more than one time. Blade should be changed each time you shave so that you can prevent the occurrence of acne after shaving. Using disposable, single-bladed razors is even better for people who have acne prone skin and want to keep away acne after shaving.

Tip 5

Few men try to shave with their razors in all possible directions. This could be damaging for your acne prone skin. You must follow the direction of hair growth. You must have notice that in most cases, hair growth takes place in the downward direction. Therefore, you should shave in a downward diagonal movement.

Tip 5

Do not try to shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth otherwise you may have to suffer from irritation, which may promote the occurrence of acne after shaving. Whereas shaving in the downward direction can prevent you from irritation, cuts and nicks and therefore the chances of acne breakout after shaving get minimized.

Tip 6

Avoid pressing hard on the razor while shaving as it can irritate your skin and make your skin more vulnerable to cuts. Pressure applied to the razor should be light so that shaving can be done without irritating your skin and causing cuts or bumps.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that you should avoid shaving the same area twice otherwise your skin may become susceptible to razor bumps. You should also rinse you your razor quite frequently.

Tip 7

In case you are using the same razor blade twice or multiple times then after and before every shave, you should wipe it carefully and properly with some antibacterial combination. You can also rub your razor blade carefully with alcohol. Doing this will prevent the growth of bacteria. This will help you to minimize the chances of getting razor bumps or acne after shaving.

tip 7

Tip 8

Taking care of your skin immediately after shaving, is also important in order to prevent acne post shaving. Freshly shaven skin should be rinsed with cold water. This will aid in sealing your skin pores and thus prevent your skin from acne.

Tip 9

After rinsing your shaven area with cold water you should apply an antibacterial gel or a toner. But make sure that your toner does not contain alcohol.

Tip 9

Applying anti-bacterial gel helps in killing of bacteria before it attacks your skin pores and increase your risk of getting acne. Acne topical medications such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can also be applied post shaving as they are very effective in killing the adult-acne causing bacteria. Another option is to use a natural astringent such as witch hazel after shaving.

Tip 10

If you do not have any benefit in spite of following the above tips to prevent acne after shaving then you need to get acne treated by a doctor.