How To Prevent Flatulence Effectively

How To Prevent Flatulence Effectively Flatulence is the excessive passage of gas. Most of us have been the victims of flatulence. It can be quite silly and embarrassing especially since the gas emitted during an episode of flatulence smells bad. Often we have laughed it off, blaming it on our partner, a child, or even the pet. Let us understand why flatulence occurs.

The food that is digested in our stomach is absorbed into the blood stream. What remains undigested is then passed into our colon or large intestines. There the enzymes and bacteria combine to form gas, which is then released by our body.

Since bacteria are involved, the gas that is released is foul and offensive smelling. The gas is a combination of hydrogen, oxygen, methane and hydrogen sulphide. It is also considered socially unacceptable to fart in public. Here are some steps to curb and prevent flatulence.

Various Tips To Prevent Flatulence

Restrict The Intake Of Carbs

One of the best ways of preventing flatulence is to restrict the intake of carbs. Carbs contain high amounts of starch and sugar, which are easily fermented to produce offensive gas. The biggest culprits are rice and beans like red kidney beans, which are notorious for causing flatulence.

Consumption Of Milk Products

How To Prevent Flatulence

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If you are lactose intolerant and consume milk or milk products, then this could lead to flatulence. Indigestion often leads to bloating and formation of gas. So something as simple as milk can make you fart. Restrict your intake of milk products if you are lactose intolerant.

Intestinal Flora

Everyone has a different digestive system and how one’s stomach reacts to different enzymes present in the food can determine whether the person will suffer from flatulence. You may find someone reacting badly to something as innocuous as an apple. The apple could also lead to gas. Find the common food culprits and avoid having them as much as you can.

Eat Slowly

One of the biggest reasons for flatulence is overeating or eating too quickly. It takes the brain a full 20 minutes to signal that the stomach is full so you must give yourself at least 20 minutes to chew and enjoy your food. Eat slowly and relish every morsel in your mouth. When you eat fast, you also swallow air and this gives rise to flatulence.

Stomach Infections

Be very cautious about eating and drinking contaminated food. This can lead to a very severe bout of vomiting, diarrhea, loose stools and flatulence. Cramping, bloating and intestinal infections can also lead to flatulence.


How To Prevent Flatulence

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If gas and bloating seem to be a part of your life, seek medical help. Some anti-gas medications are available in the form of chewable pills and drinks. These should be taken regularly to prevent flatulence and gas.

Avoid These Foods

The following foods should be strictly avoided in the diet – beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, red meat, apricots, apples, soya bean, chocolate and tuna. All of these can cause flatulence so it is best to avoid their intake and have them in restricted amounts.

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