How To Prevent Oily Hair

Prevent Oily Hair Adequate amount of oil is necessary for the health of your hair and to fulfill this requirement, oil glands are located in your scalp that produce oils called sebum that maintains your hair health.

Some people are blessed with normal hair but others may possess dry hair, brittle hair, or oily hair. If the oil glands in your scalp are successful in producing sufficient oil then you may have normal hair type and if you are deficient in oil then your hair may turn to be dry. People with oily hair generally produce sebum in excess quantity.

You can easily identify that you have oily hair. Oily hair generally gives unclean appearance and will get clumped to each other very easily. You may find it quite difficult to style your hair as it may not have long lasting effect and will get spoiled after some time.

In spite of giving your oily hair a through wash, they will look lifeless, dull and unclean. If you possess oily hair and want to prevent these symptoms then you need to go through this article and get some useful information on prevention of oily hair.

Common Causes of Oily Hair:

Apart from the oily scalp, there may be other causes that might give rise to the problem of oily hair. These causes may include hormonal changes, styling products, excessive use of shampoo, excess brushing and combing, certain diseases and nutrition.

Some of these causes may be beyond your control but others are under your control and hence you can try to eliminate these causes in order to prevent oily hair.

How to Prevent Oily Hair:

Shampoo Frequently

People with oily hair should consider the option of shampooing every alternate day. Shampooing daily can further aggravate and promote oil production and hence should be avoided. Many people with oily hair problems often think that excessive shampooing can solve their problem.

If you too believe this then you are mistaken. Oil production can be stabilized and oily hair can be prevented by giving a gap of one day when it comes to the use of shampoo.

Use Mild & Appropriate Shampoo

Some shampoos are particularly intended for oily scalp. These shampoos help the oily scalp in cleansing properly and inhibiting excess oil production without causing any damaging effects on your hair. A good quality solvent-based mild shampoo should be preferred by people, who have oily hair.

How To Prevent Oily Hair

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Most shampoos that are offered in the market contain all sort of chemicals, additives and conditioners and hence their use should be avoided.  Do not choose a moisturizing or hydrating shampoo because they may turn your scalp oilier and make your hair look oily. Also, you must try to select a shampoo with pH value that is more than 6.7.

Avoid Hot water

If you want to prevent oily hair then you should never make the mistake of washing your hair in hot water. Hot water is not suitable for any type of hair but for oily hair it can be the last option.

Cold water should be used for washing oily hair and if you do not want to use cold water due to any reason such as climatic condition or illness then you should use lukewarm water for washing. At no cost should you use hot water for the purpose of washing your hair.

Rinse Thoroughly

Do not let any soap or shampoo residue to remain on your hair otherwise it will promote the collection and accumulation of dirt and filth and will turn your hair oily very soon. This necessitates that you rinse your hair thoroughly while using shampoo.

Use Lemon Rinse

Since lemon is loaded with Vitamin C, it is regarded as a good astringent. Therefore, using lemon juice as the final rinse can be an excellent option to prevent oily hair. Squeeze out juice of 2 lemons and mix it with a small quantity of water.

After you have completed shampooing and washing your hair properly, you should use this water mixed with lemon juice as a final rinse. This will keep your scalp and hair free from the oily look for a longer time.

Minimize The Use of Styling Products

If you are a regular user of the different styling products then you will be more likely to have oily appearance on your hair. This is solely due to the fact that most of the styling products contain ingredients that cause oily buildup and thus your hair looks waxy and oily.

Hence, in order to prevent oily hair you will need to minimize the use of the various styling products as well as the leave-in products.

Styling mousse should altogether be avoided by people, who possess oily hair. Instead, they should prefer the use of styling sprays and gels to style their hair. It is also important to choose styling products of high quality and good brands.

Avoid Frequent Brushing & Combing

If you brush or comb your hair too often then this habit can stimulate your hair follicles and encourage more oil secretion. Therefore, it is essential to stop combing and brushing your hair too often.

Also, do not use your fingers to scrub your scalp vigorously otherwise it will help your scalp in producing more oil, which will add to the greasiness and oily appearance of your hair. It has been seen that if you brush your hair in the opposite direction of its growth then it might help you in minimizing oily hair.

Have Short Hair Style

If you have an oily scalp that produces too much of oil and makes your hair oily then you should avoid wearing long hair styles. Oil from your scalp can travel and spread to your hair and hence you must avoid having long hair.

And if you do not want to part with your long hair then you can get it permed so that the spread of oil is restricted.

Eat Healthy Diet

Eating a diet that is healthy and nutritious is an effective way to prevent oily hair. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet and avoid the intake of fatty foods. Drink plenty of water to eliminate the toxins from your body and keep your hair healthy.

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