How To Prevent Stomach Cramping

Stomach cramping is a common problem for both the gender. Women mostly experience cramping at the time of their periods. But men also do not remain untouched by stomach cramping.

Most men experience mild to severe stomach cramping at the time of exercising or running. You may have a tough time dealing with your stomach cramping because at times, the pain become intolerable and can hinder your physical activities.

Stomach cramping is not a dreaded condition. But you need to take precautions and measures so that you can prevent that miserable stomach cramping and perform your day to day physical tasks normally.

Before discussing about the tips to prevent stomach cramping, you must be aware about some of the common causes of stomach cramping. Knowing about the various causes can help you in taking prevention against this problem.

Tips on How to Prevent Stomach Cramping:

Avoid Gulping Down Icy Cold Liquids

One of the most simple and common causes for stomach cramping is the consumption of large amount of cold fluids in one take. If you consume large quantity of cold drinks then it may lead to muscle spasm in the stomach. So it is better to take small sips of these icy cold fluids or let the fluid turn less cold in order to prevent stomach cramping caused due to this reason.

Eliminate Constipation

Constipation is another common cause of stomach cramping. If you do not consume sufficient dietary fiber then it may lead to irregular bowel movement. This results in the accumulation of waste products in the intestine.

It is necessary to expel these waste products from the body in order to get relief from constipation and prevent stomach cramping. So increase the intake of foods that are quite rich in fiber and consume sufficient water to let fiber do its work.

Eliminate Anxiety

You must be aware that anxiety is a common cause for giving rise to many ailments. Stomach cramping may also be caused due to anxiety. You may suffer from stomach cramping due to anxiety, especially when you have your meal during the state of anxiety and stress.

The reason behind this is that your body finds it difficult to digest the foods when you eat during anxiety or stress. Therefore, if you usually experience the attack of stomach cramping at the time of eating or post eating and you know that you are stressed out then the best way to prevent stomach cramping is to either avoid eating at those times or eat a smaller portion of foods so that you are able to digest easily.

Have Control Over Stress

Stress is one of the major causes of stomach cramping. So it is of prime importance to calm down your nerves by relaxing for some time so that your stress levels reduce and stomach cramping stays at bay. There are a number of effective and proven ways to get relief from stress.

You can follow any one or two methods and avoid stress as well as stomach cramping. Yoga and meditation has been practiced since ages to calm down the nerves and muscles and get relief from stress. You can learn these techniques and deal with stress problem quite effectively. Biofeedback is another method that can help you to eliminate stress and have control over it.

Get Adequate Potassium

Most men and women experience stomach cramping while running and exercising. Cramping is often caused due to deficiency of potassium. So you can also try to eliminate this possible cause and prevent stomach cramping by taking sufficient potassium in your diet.

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Banana is high in potassium and hence you can consume 2 bananas nearly half an hour before running or starting your workout. You can also have some other light snacks containing potassium to prevent stomach cramping.

Drink Plenty of Water

One of the chief causes of stomach cramping is dehydration. Drinking plenty of water will help you to replenish the lost fluids and keep you hydrated. Your body system will function properly in the presence of adequate amount of water and other fluids. It will also eliminate constipation.

So make it a habit of drinking at least 10 to 12 glasses of water every day. If you are supposed to run or exercise then you should necessarily consume water prior to these activities. A lot of fluid is lost from the body during workout so you must also drink water in between your workout. Keeping dehydration away will help you to prevent stomach cramping.

Avoid Coffee, Cola Drinks & Alcohol

We have seen above that dehydration too may cause stomach cramping. Coffee and cola drinks act as diuretics as they contain caffeine. These drinks along with alcohol quickly dehydrate your body and reduce the level of water in your body. Therefore you need to avoid the consumption of these drinks if you want to avoid stomach cramping.

If you want to drink something then you should opt for freshly prepared fruit juices or water because they hydrate your body without causing any harm to you. Fruit juices also provide extra energy that you need for running or exercising.

Avoid Strenuous Activities Immediately After Eating

If you get engaged in physical activities or exercise that put strain on your body then you may suffer from stomach cramping. If you find that you often suffer from stomach cramps when you do exhausting or aerobic activities after having meal then you can prevent the occurrence of these cramps by simply avoiding arduous activities for at least 45 minutes post meals.

Avoid Over-eating

If you frequently suffer from stomach cramping then you must observe your eating pattern. If you overeat or eat hurriedly then it can cause cramping in your stomach. Hence, it is recommended that you should chew your food well before you swallow then and take your time to finish your meal.

Eat slowly so that sufficient saliva gets mixed with the ingested foods. Adequate saliva production will help your food to digest properly without causing stomach cramping. Also, eat foods in moderation and never try to overeat however tasty your meals are otherwise you may not be able to prevent stomach cramping.