How To Reduce Risk Of Lung Cancer

Reduce Risk Of Lung Cancer Lung cancer is a life threatening disease and it is one of the most dreaded and commonest forms of cancer, which is responsible for deaths of millions all over the world every year. Smokers are at the maximum risk from this disease and so are their family members who fall prey to passive smoking.

Studies indicate that people having family history of lung cancer are susceptible to this disease. But the good news is that one can reduce the risks of getting this disease if they follow a healthy lifestyle. In this article we tell you how to reduce risk of lung cancer.

Keep Away From Passive Smoking

Whether you are a chain smoker or an occasional smoker you will have to quit smoking completely. In order to avoid the temptation you can take help of rehab center along with aids such as nicotine patches and gums.

If you are a nonsmoker then you should continue to remain one. Don’t succumb to peer pressure and take up smoking. Follow your no smoking rule and stick to it religiously.

You should keep away from passive smoking as well. If people around you or some family member smokes then you should either leave the room or tell them not to do so. If that is not possible then keep the door and windows of the room open so that the smoke is dispersed.

keep away from smoking

Radon exposure can be one of the leading causes of lung cancer. You should get your house tested for the presence of this gas. If the level of the gas is higher than 4pCi/L, chances are that you are at a higher risk of getting lung cancer.

As per the available studies people who drink alcoholic beverages are at a higher risk of lung cancer. This means that moderate or zero intake of alcohol reduces risk of lung cancer.

Right Diet

Lung cancer can be prevented with right diet.You should add lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables to your diet.  You should have at least 3 servings of fresh fruits everyday. Green vegetables should be consumed in organic form such as soups and salads.

Vegetables should be moderately processed because fully or highly processed foods will lose natural vitamins and nutrients. Organic foods are high not only in nutrients but also in antioxidants which have the capacity to fight free radicals and reduce the risk of lung cancer.

According to a research, people who exercise at least half an hour everyday or at least once in every 2 days are at a lower risk of lung cancer. You should take up exercises like walking, swimming and gym work outs everyday, if possible. You should take up exercises like walking, swimming and gym work outs everyday, if possible.

Nothing can be done as far as age factor is concerned and as you grow older you are more at risk of getting lung cancer than when you are younger. For example, people over the age of 65 years are at a higher risk of lung cancer than those under that age.

The above mentioned preventive measures will help you to know how to reduce risk of lung cancer.

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