How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

Many of us may not be aware that a woman can have different kinds of orgasms and sometimes even multiple orgasms. However, this is true! Unfortunately, a lot of women do not experience an orgasm from their spouse/partner for years together. Here are a few tips to make her reach climax and satisfy her.

Tips To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

Be Aggressive In Bed

Women expect their partner to be aggressive while in bed, which means handling her with confidence and strength. This can be insanely horny and flirtatious to her. This is quite easy, as it does not need any advanced skills or a lot of work. You can try a couple of things like:

How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

Grabbing her wrists and holding them right above her head and pinning them down to the mattress while in the missionary position. Hold onto her hips and pull/push them backward and forward, when she is on top, so that her clitoris pulverizes against the pubic bone of yours. If you wish to change the position, don’t do it politely or slowly – just grab and place her wherever you want.

Continue Kissing During Sex

Most of the guys probably stop kissing once the intercourse begins. However, this is a bad move, as kissing during sex makes a woman feel more intimate and close and this is very essential for her to attain pleasure. Choose any comfortable position like the missionary one, which allows you to face her or she can sit on your lap.

You can now enjoy the smooches, which reflects your mood. Suck her lips and pull her in for tongue filled and deep kiss. Press your lips firmly on hers and when the mood is more romantic, go for a sensual kiss.

Caress Her Hot Spot

Without clitoral stimulation, most of the women cannot attain orgasm during sex. This is the reason, why women desire more of it! You should try to stroke her hot spot, whenever you are in a position to reach her clitoris.

How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

Your strokes must be soft and slow initially and must gradually progress to quicker and harder. However, the technique may slightly vary with every woman, so you need to experiment a bit.

Climax Through Oral-Sex

An oral-sex session will allow her to enjoy to the maximum. However, different kinds of techniques can give her more or less pleasure on different days. Therefore, to understand, what works the best every time, make sure to use different moves.

Try sucking, licking gently, using firm and pointed tongue and later soft and wide. Make a note of the move, which she enthusiastically responds to. When you sense about her orgasm, try the similar technique that elicited the pleasurable and biggest moans and continue with it till she climaxes.

Nibble Her Neck Softly

The area of the skin underneath the ear to the collarbone is very sensitive to touch. Begin by licking with your tongue from her ear to the part where her shoulders and neck meet. Now, blow softly along the trail, the warmth and tenderness of your tongue along with the unruffled freshness of your gasp will send quivers down her spine.

Gently Pull Her Tresses

The scalp has hundreds of nerves and they become supersensitive, when she’s aroused. So, pulling her hair is extra stimulating. However, you need to keep one thing in mind, avoid doing this if you are making love to her from behind, as it will give an impression that you are treating her like the lady of the evening.

How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

Instead, softly run your fingers through her soft tresses, while she is on top. Now, take hold of a handful of locks and then give it a gentle pull. This is just perfect, when you are having passionate and intense sex.

Talk Dirty

Women are considered to be verbal beings and this love for words can be extended to the bedroom too. She would like to hear phrases that tell her how much you like and adore her body and how much you are turned on by her. When she senses the burning desire and yearning in your voice, she is literally on fire.

Overwhelm With a Quickie

This kind of surprise will make her feel that she is so enticing and you just can’t wait to spend time with her. A deep lingering kiss will rouse her as soon as she gets back home. Take away any of the bags that she might be carrying and guide her to the bed, couch or kitchen table. Don’t undress her entirely. Use your fingers to stroke her clitoris and whisper sweet little things like how hot she is right now. The more excited you are, the sooner she will be interested in it.

Pleasure Her With A G-Spot Orgasm

The area that is present about two inches on the front part of her vagina is termed as the G-Spot. Although, difficult to feel, when this spongy area is stimulated you are sure to give her an intense orgasm. The right position to stimulate it with your penis is the modified doggie-style.

How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

You can balance by holding her hips. Thrust gradually in the beginning and then intensify it. As your penis will stroke the wall of her vagina with each thrust, it stimulates the G-spot giving her intense pleasure.

Give More Attention To Her Breasts

A lot of men pamper the breasts during foreplay, but overlook them during the intercourse, but this is a big mistake as extra arousal can lead to bigger orgasm. Moreover, as the whole breast area has nerves, it is vital to pay attention not only to nipples, but the entire breast, particularly the underside.

Trace slow, wide circles using your fingertips around one of the breasts and then spiral in till you are very close to her nipple. Now, using your hand cup and raise the breast, licking her nipple and then covering it completely with your mouth. It’s difficult to orgasm if women are too stressed. Therefore, first relax her by giving a back massage and rub her upper back, shoulders and neck, so that the anxiety and tension just melts away.