How To Seduce A Woman With Touch

How To Seduce A Woman With Touch

Women always tend to shy away from discussing topics like sex, what turns them on and orgasm etc. with others, even their loved ones. And that maybe is the reason why it is very hard for some men to satisfy their partners in bed.

Even though they may enjoy an active sex life, some women tend to enjoy sex better if they are aroused properly. Although foreplay at the genital area is considered an essential factor in arousing an individual, there are other parts of the body that can act as potential pleasure sensors and make your woman reach orgasm quickly and effectively (with full satisfaction).

If you are wondering as to where those specific pleasure points are located in a woman’s body, here’s an essential guide to help you out with that. Touching and playing with these places during sex would most definitely make the activity more enjoyable for both of you.

How To Seduce A Woman With Touch

Ear Lobes

Ear Lobes

One of the best places to start a steamy session of sex would be the ear lobes. The skin around the ear lobes happens to be very sensitive. And playing with the same can arouse your girl to no extent.

If you are in the mood to get romantic, start off by playing your fingers around her ear lobes and follow it up with some pinches, kisses and bites. The next thing you know, both of you would have wound enjoying one of the best sex sessions you had ever had.



There’s something about the neck that drives people wild with pleasure. Maybe it is because of those vampire movies where the vampire chooses the neck for a bite and the girl ends up enjoying the same instead of writhing in pain.

The neck happens to be one of those extremely sensitive areas in a woman’s body which if touched can send her swooning to the floor. Touching, caressing, kissing and biting (not so hard though) the neck can be subtle starts to a memorable sex session and can arouse your girl immediately.

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This is more effective when you are in bed with her. Moving your fingers up and down her back can give her the goose bumps and turn you on in the process. In addition to caressing her back, you can also opt for sensual massages, kisses or licks, all of which can drive her crazy with pleasure and help set the mood for a fulfilling sex session.



Women who have long, slender legs more often than not get turned on when their legs are caressed, massaged or pinched. And so, if your girl has long legs, then you don’t need to think of any other way to arouse her.

Turn her strength into her weakness and make sure that her legs (including the pleasure points) get some devoted attention from your hands and mouth. This way, it would be her pulling you to the bed rather than the other way around. And this we guarantee will happen in no time at all.



Some women get turned on when you touch their hair. And so, you can try the approach of running your fingers through her hair or pulling her to you using her hair. Alternatively, you can wet her hair and then towel it gently to create a sensual mood.