How To Spot A Fake Rolex In Seconds

Spotting a fake Rolex in seconds is no big or complicated ordeal. This has become a necessity since there seems to be thousands of Rolex watches doing their rounds in every city. You may be duped into purchasing a fake Rolex. Imagine a scenario where you show off your Rolex during cocktail conversations and someone shoots it down to be a fake.

People today are getting a lot sensible and are educated to distinguish the fake from the original. If there is someone talking high and low of his Rolex or is trying to sell a fake Rolex to you for a huge price; look at the watch closely and you can determine its authenticity instantly.

How To Spot A Fake Rolex In Seconds

How To Spot A Fake Rolex In Seconds 

Hand Movement

Check out the second hand movement of the Rolex. Most Rolex watches employ manual movement. The original product has its second hand making smooth sweeping movements instead of the ticking of a regular watch. Ticking or jerky movements mean the watch has a quartz or mechanical movement that is seldom used in a genuine Rolex. It is difficult to hear any sound from authentic Rolex watches. These are usually silent.

The Face

You can check the authenticity of the Rolex by closely inspecting the face of the watch put in front of you. Better still, make use of a magnifier for closer inspection. The letterings in a genuine Rolex are perfect and flawless. This kind of clarity and perfection cannot be expected from a small time store or retailer. The usual flaws include imperfect edges or microscopic bubbles on the face.

Rolex Crown  

The mark of a Rolex product is the crown. An original will carry an image of the crown near the 6 o’ clock mark on the face. The fake is also likely to carry it but the image on the original is almost invisible to the naked eye. However, the fake will have a prominent impression of the crown.

How To Spot A Fake Rolex In Seconds


An original Rolex is heavier when compared to the fake simply because of the exceptional quality of materials used. Fake watches are made with least expensive materials and hence feel lighter. However, there are fakes that feel quite close to the original and it takes more than average experience to distinguish between the two.


Date of a genuine Rolex will roll over at the stroke of midnight instantaneously. A fake will always do it in a delayed manner. Although not foolproof, this tip should give you adequate reasons to suspect the lineage of the watch.


If you have closely noticed, the word Rolex and the serial number of that specific watch are engraved in a genuine Rolex. While these details are incorporated in a fake, they are usually printed and not engraved.

Band And Case

All accessories that come with a Rolex are of impeccable quality. Surfaces and edges are smooth and the highest quality can be seen and felt even for the amateur eye. Metal bands and straps are heavier in an original. Fakes are bound to have low quality gold plating and sometimes even be worn out.

Spotting a fake Rolex can indeed be done in seconds. However, there are sophisticated fakes that are very close to the original that they can hardly be told apart. Most of all, remember you cannot buy a Rolex for $100.

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