How to Take Care of Curls

It is time to get back to the eternal debate about what type of hair looks good. A person with straight hair is envious of the one with curly hair and the other way round as well. Whatever the type of hair, unless it is maintained well, it never looks good. People with curly hair have to take care of it a little more as it tends to get frizzy and look like you just got struck by lightning. Curls if maintained well look regal and make a statement of their own.

Here Are Some Tips on How To Take Care of Curls

Do Not Wash Your Hair Everyday

Take this as a rule when you have curly hair. Never wash your hair with shampoo every day. Shampoo helps in removing dirt from your hair, but it also removes the moisture. Shampoo your hair no more than once a week, and as soon as you shampoo your hair, rinse it off and apply a conditioner. Curly hair tends to get very dry and it needs the natural oils produced in the scalp to make it manageable. Shampoos dry out this oil and leave curly hair looking very frizzy.

Choose Your Hairstyle Well

Go to a good hair stylist and get them to recommend hairstyle that would suit you. Once you have found something you like, get your hair done. Visit the salon at least four to five times a year and get a trim or change the style. It is very important to choose an easy to maintain style if you have a demanding job. Apart from getting up early and getting ready for work, you will have to do your hair as well. A good hairstyle would be one that is easy to keep up. If it just requires a wash and go it would help you immensely.

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No Razors

A very important thing to remember about how to take care of curls is abandoning the razor all together. Layer cuts sometimes use the razor, but razors lead to split ends. There is nothing worse than having hair with split ends. Layering, if done well, looks good on curly hair, but you should ditch the razor style forever.

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If you have curly hair, using conditioner everyday is something you cannot do away with. Every day when you take a shower wet your hair, leave the conditioner on and rinse it off thoroughly. When the hair is wet, use a large toothed comb and remove knots as well. Never blow-dry unless absolutely necessary as blow-drying will remove all the moisture from the hair and make it dry and frizzy.

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Spend five minutes every day gently massaging your scalp. This will activate the follicles and the oil producing glands as well. Try this for just one week and you will notice a very obvious change.

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Do not use greasy gels, mousses and chemicals as they form a thick layer that is difficult to rinse off. Use light herbal products instead and you will be able to manage your curls very easily.