How To Treat Foot Odor With Home Remedies

How To Treat Foot Odor With Home Remedies You must have experienced a foul smell emanating from some body’s feet as soon as she/he has removed her/ his shoes. Foot odour can be unbearable and fills the room with an unpleasant smell. Foot odour generally occurs when you have been wearing shoes for too long and your feet start sweating inside the shoes.

Men are more prone to suffer from foot odour problem because they tend to wear shoes and socks for most part of the day. Sports persons may also suffer from foot odour due to excessive physical activity that causes sweaty feet. Certain type of socks yarn like nylon or polyester also increases perspiration in the feet and causes foot odour.

To prevent foot odour and avoid embarrassing situation you can try the following remedies and maintain clean and healthy feet:

Home Remedies For Treating Foot Odor

Bathe Your Feet Whenever You Remove Your Shoes and Socks

Your feet become damp and sweaty when they are enclosed in shoes for most part of the day. Sweat causes bacteria formation between fingers and creates foot odour. Cultivate the habit of bathing your feet with soap and water after your day’s work. If you have been out in rain water then use an anti septic soap for bathing your feet to prevent infection and foot odour.

Keep Your Feet Dry

Dry your feet thoroughly after washing especially between fingers to prevent fugal growth. Dust them with talcum powder or an anti perspirant before wearing socks and shoes. Always wear a fresh pair of socks to avoid foot odour. Prefer wearing cotton socks as they can absorb the moisture and help the feet to breathe.

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Wear athletics socks while playing or performing physical activity. These socks are easily available in the market. Try to remove your shoes under your desk during the day, to prevent your feet from perspiring. Flex your feet to stimulate blood circulation.

Clean and Dry your Shoes Regularly

Clean and Dry your Shoes Regularly

Wash your sports shoes regularly to keep them bacteria free and air your leather shoes to remove bad odour and dampness from them. Wet or damp shoes activate fungal growth in the feet and can cause skin allergy. Do not store damp shoe in the closet but find an open space where it is aired and dried properly. An open shoe rack is a good option. It would be better if you wear different shoes alternately to let one pair to dry thoroughly. Dust your shoes with talcum powder or spray them with a deodorant to prevent foot odour.

Exercise Your Feet

Once you are home let your feet breathe to prevent foot odour. Roam around the house barefoot. This is also a good exercise for the feet. Do ankle rotations and toe flexing exercises to maintain healthy feet. Healthy feet sweat less and will not smell bad. Sit with your legs raised to allow the blood to move upwards.

Some Foods Also Cause Foot Odour

Garlic, onions, meat products are some foods that may cause bad body odour and your foot odour gets worse. Certain medicines like antibiotics may also cause bad odour.