How To Treat Genital Warts

Gentile Wart Treatment Genital warts are warts typically caused by the HPV (Human Pappiloma Virus).They appear as small, round, smooth, white, flesh coloured bumps or cauliflower like bumps on the surface of the genital skin. They can occur anywhere in the genital area like the labia, penis or even around the opening of the vagina, urethra and the anus. HPV has so many strains that it becomes very difficult to identify one single strain.

However it has been seen that people who become infected by the HPV virus remain asymptomatic and a very small percentage of the population actually develops warts. While they are not always painful, they may cause slight itching and may look unsightly.

In women who develop genital warts around the cervix, bleeding may occur. In such cases, it is best to get the warts treated by a qualified doctor. The warts are normally spread through sexual contact.

Treatment Of Genital Warts

There is no clear-cut treatment strategy that will eliminate the warts. It has been seen that frequent outbreaks do occur until the body rids itself of the virus. With the passage of time, the warts disappear on their own.

Podophyllin Resin

This is a liquid compound, which is applied to the wart and helps to restrict cellular growth. The compound is applied by a certified medical professional and is washed off after 4 hours. Care must be taken to not apply the compound on the otherwise healthy skin. The treatment is repeated several times in order to work effectively.

Podopphilox Lotion

This is a gel or a lotion, which is prescribed to the patient and the patient, is asked to apply this on the warts. The schedule is application of the lotion for four days followed by a break of 3 days and the entire cycle is repeated for about 4 weeks to see effective results.


This is a treatment, which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts, and the dead skin cell then falls off. The treatment may continue for 1-3 weeks.


Laser may also be used to treat genital warts. In this, a very high intensity beam is directed at the warts in order to diminish them or reduce the size. Multiple sessions may be required and the treatment proves to be very expensive in the long run.

Gentile Wart Treatment

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Surgical Excision

In surgical excision, surgery may be performed to excise or remove the warts. This technique again works in severe cases or cases where the warts are very large and tough to remove. The surgery may be minor or complicated depending upon the case.

Follow Up

Whatever treatment modality, you follow, it is very important to do a follow up. The doctor will check for the progress of the treatment and suggest any changes. The treatment may take a long time, sometimes years if the warts are resistant.

Protect Your Partner

Since warts are spread through sexual contact, it makes sense to follow scrupulous hygiene and follow safe sex practises in order to protect your partner from developing warts.

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