How To Use A Treadmill

How To Use A Treadmill Treadmills have soared the popularity charts because of the ease and convenience of using them right within the comfort of your home. They are extremely beneficial for fat burning and lower body toning.

The various treadmill workouts offer you a variety of hill climbing and interval-training workouts that are guaranteed to make you lose fat in no time at all. Before you begin to use a treadmill, some important safety parameters should be kept in mind.

How To Use A Treadmill

Understanding the Control Panel

It is very important to understand the treadmill control panel before you begin to use the treadmill. If you got one at home, read all the safety instructions and the ways of using the control panel especially those pertaining to the various programmes.

Consult your Doctor First

If you are just starting out on a treadmill workout, it is wise to first consult with your doctor who will give you the green signal after checking all your vital health parameters.

This is because the treadmill contains several intense workouts that may not be suited for novices or beginners. It is also important to start gradually and moderately at a level that is comfortable to you.

Know the Stop and Pause Buttons

It is very important for all users to know the stop and pause buttons in the event of your shoelace getting stuck in the belt. To be on the safer side, always tie two knots into your shoelace to prevent them from opening up.

tips To Use A Treadmill

Shorten the length of your laces so that they do not dangle beneath the shoe.

Never Run Barefoot

Invest in good sports shoes to run on the treadmill. Never run barefoot as this can hurt the soles of your feet and cause an injury. It may also cause you to trip and fall. Running shoes will also help to absorb the vibrations emanating from the treadmill and protect your knees from shock.

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A Warm Up

Do a warm up before hitting the treadmill. Most people completely neglect the warm up and directly start running on the treadmill. This can lead to injuries. Make sure you do some calf raises and hamstring stretches before hitting the treadmill. This will allow your leg muscles to get warmed up and primed for the work out.

Starting the Workout

Never stand on the belt when you start the machine. Stand on the side rails instead. Standing on the belt while starting the treadmill can spoil the machine. Stand on the treadmill by gently putting one foot after the other. Walk for a few steps and get used to the rhythm. Gently increase the speed so that your legs get time to get used to the movement of the belt.

Do not Look Down

Concentrate on your work out by looking straight and not down. If you look down or look sideways, you are likely to lose our balance and get injured. Only look down if your shoe laces have come undone. Stop the workout immediately and tie the shoelace before restarting the belt.


Do not run on the treadmill if you start to feel dizzy or faint. Stop the workout immediately and get yourself checked.