How To Wear A Tie Pin

how to use  tie pin A tie pin can be useful as well attractive and can be easily worn from an office to a party. A tie pin is a tie tack which has a beautiful ornamental head with a chain at the back and a T-bar.

When you put the T-bar into the buttonhole then the pin will prevent your tie from falling on the table when you bend over. You can have a small metallic dot or a jazzy gem or the logo of your favorite sports team or anything that you want on the head of the tie pin. Tie clips may even carry a sentimental value with it and might have been passed down from generations.

Your Tie Pin Reflects Your Taste

A tie pin which has been shunned for its conventional connotations is again back into trend. You can find a lot of young people creating a strong style statement by sporting a pin or a little gold ring on their tie. You will not look too decked up if you wear a tie pin, as it is a way of presenting your sense of sophistication. However a tie pin can complement you the best if it is worn with the correct tie and is carried off well. The trend flock has been gearing recently to the bohemian manifestation but with an urban polish.

How to Wear a Tie Pin

A tie speaks a lot about you. Ties can be very conventional or extremely playful. Without a tie pin the look of a tie is imperfect. If you use a tie pin for your tie it is very essential for you to know how to wear a tie pin properly. The only difference between a tie pin and a tie clip lies in its name or the design. It is not necessary for you to wear tie pins only for occasions as you can wear tie pins to your office too.

When you wear a tiepin it not only reflects your personality but also enhances your look. You should choose and wear a tie pin that compliments you and the tie. It is important for you to know how to wear a tie pin correctly before wearing it. An important tip while learning how to wear a tie pin is that the tie pin should be straight and at the accurate height. Otherwise the tie clip is of no use and gives a slack appearance.

Guidelines about How to Wear a Tie Pin

Tie is one of the most important accessories and you need to learn properly as how to wear a tie pin. You will get tie pins of different types and styles that are available in the market. You will find some of them have two separate pieces a spine like part and a clinch on the other end which is almost like an old push button or earring.

You can find another type of a tie pin which is like a safety pin. You can use the tie pin normally by taking a fold over cloth and fix the pin through the tie. Then attach it back into the hook to lock the in with the point to your tie.

how to use  tie pin

You should not let the tie pin take more than three-forth portion of the width of your tie if you have a tie pin which sticks or buttons itself and if you are wearing the tie-pin at a lower level. If you do not want your tie pin to be hanging down, you can wear it on the narrower end of the tie.

Try to keep it to the center and not too higher than your jacket buttons. In case you do not wear a jacket you can put the tie pin two-third way down the three-fourth portion of the tie. You can also wear it on the upper two-fifth part of your tie.

Tie Tack- A More Modern and Popular Style of Tie Pin

The tie tack is a more recent design of pin. It is a separable form of embellishment which is mostly studded with a gem. The procedure of wearing a tie tack is similar to the way you have learnt how to wear a tie pin. It holds back your tie to your shirt with a small pin that pierces your tie and fits well on the buttonhole of the shirt. On the reverse end the tie tack gets locked with the help of a safety clutch.

Tie Pin and its Origin

A tie pin controls the neckwear was originally worn by rich English gentleman to lock the folds of the cravats. It became more popular in the early nineteenth century. The cravats were made of expensive cloth and these tie pins were used to keep them safe and in place. The tie pins were originally made of jewel stones especially pearl. Safety pins made of silver or gold were generally used as collar or tie pins from the starting of the twentieth century. The techniques of how to wear a tie pin differs with its style and design.

Ways To Use a Tie Pin

A tie pin improves your fashion quotient whether you are flaunting a casual or a formal wear. Apart from office you can also put on a tie pin for a formal dinner. It gives you a tidy, chic and a disciplined appearance. Apart from learning how to wear a tie pin you also need to know how to match your tie properly with the exact tie pin to have a classy look. Following the simple guidelines on how to wear a tie pin can make you get that ravishing appearance.

To emphasize your look further you can also team up some matching cufflinks. You can grab all the attention and look absolutely striking by sporting a stylish tie pin. The choice of tie pin will depend on your shirt and tie color. Tie pin is a very vital item in your wardrobe which will help you in creating your unique style statement.