How To Wear A Tie

how to wear a tie A necktie has been a part of men’s attire for centuries. It is worn on formal occasions as well as everyday work wear. The bolo tie, ascot, bow tie etc are all variations of the regular neck tie. The origin of the necktie can be attributed to the cravat which has been around for quite some time.

Traditionally, a necktie was always worn with the top button fastened; nowadays it has become a common practise to wear a tie dangling loosely around the neck with several buttons of the shirt open.

For people who don’t know how to wear a tie, there are several varieties of clip on ties available in the market. Basically, there are four kinds of knots. The four-in hand knot, the Windsor knot, the half Windsor knot and the prat knot are most popular. People keep coming up with more and more innovative ways of tying a tie knot.

The four in hand ties were basically rectangular pieces of cloth with square ends. Originally, the name “four-in-hand” refers to a carriage with four horses. Later, a gentlemen’s club in London also had the same name. There are many views about how four in hand ties became so popular.

Some people say that horsemen used the four in hand knot to knot their reigns. Others say that the members of the London club knotted their ties in this memorable fashion. Whatever may be the story, the truth is that the four in hand tie is the most popular style of wearing a neck tie in the world.

How To Properly Wear a Tie

The pratt knot is also known as the pratt-shelby knot. An employee of the US chamber of commerce Jerry Pratt wore his neck tie in this fashion for about 20 years before it gained popularity. A TV celebrity Shelby noticed this style and copied it on TV. It became popular instantly. Many people attribute the discovery of the pratt knot to Shelby and not to Jerry Prat.

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The Main feature of wearing the tie in the pratt knot is that you wear the tie with the seam out and not inside like any other style.
The Windsor knot derives its name from the Duke of Windsor, King Edward the VIII. The duke preferred his knots to be much larger than the regular knots. He achieved the desired size of the knots by getting ties custom made.

The duke’s ties were made of a much thicker fabric. The Windsor knot gained popularity as people tried to copy The Duke’s wide tie knots in regular ties. People who know how to wear a tie in any other fashion, find tying the Windsor knot extremely simple.

A full Windsor knot requires a tie to be atleast 40 cm longer than the regular neck tie. The Half Windsor Knot is a modern day variation of the Windsor knot. The half Windsor knots are not as wide as the full Windsor knots.

Neckties can be ties in about 85 styles. For people who know how to wear a tie, the possibilities are limitless. They can use one of the regular styles, and vary them as per their choice.

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