Huawei Vision Price And Review

Huawei took this year’s Mobile World Congress by storm and mapped the Android chart by length and breadth. As Huawei creates history, phones like the Honor and Vision deserve a special mention at this moment because they were the stepping stones.

Huawei Vision Features

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Huawei Vision makes up for the lack of style in its predecessor the Huawei Honor. The Huawei Vision sports a unibody design that is its core strength. Now that market is crowded with smartphones running on dual-core Tegra 2 processors, the Huawei Vision is in tough competition with its rivals from HTC, Samsung and LG. Nevertheless, the Huawei Vision sports decent features with an admirable look. Let us find out in this review if it can stand up against its rivals.

Features Of Huawei Vision


Huawei Vision is a compact phone measuring  118×59.9×9.9m, 3.7-inch display and weight of 121g. It offers good grip in hands and slides into pockets easily. In many respects, the Vision resembles the HTC Desire S. The ergonomic design of Huawei Vision makes it easy to use.


Huawei Vision Review

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It is interesting that it offers bigger display than iPhone though it is short in dimensions. The WVGA display with 480x800p resolution has 225ppi pixel density. Reflective coating on the display accounts for great visibility outdoors.

User Interface

The Huawei Vision sports a SPB Shell 3D launcher that behaves as stock Android. Alas! It fails to offer the level of customization offered by its sibling Honor. Nevertheless SPB Shell 3D offers fluid user experience with 11 homescreens. Users can customize these screens. SPB widgets offer animated and visually rich interface.

Huawei Vision offers Carousel that offers a peek into the available homescreen panes. There is also a dedicated Carousel button located at the bottom of the display. It enables the user to switch screens, set background colors, rearrange screens and rename or delete the unused screens. It offers standard Android lockscreen. However, the phone does not offer toggles for Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. The QWERTY keyboard in the Vision is more elaborate in comparison to stock Android keyboard. It features 3 shortcuts against the normal two.


Huawei Vision Performance

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By this time it is clear that the Vision is based on Android version 2.3.5 Gingerbread. To support the SPB Shell 3D, the Huawei Vision sports 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 512MB RAM under the hood. These specs do not confirm the Huawei Vision as the fastest smartphone ever but certainly does not account for any lags.


The Huawei Vision sports standard 5MP camera with LED flash. It offers HDR functionality and geotagging. However, it lacks ISO settings as well as White Balance effect. The camera can also record 720p videos at 30fps.


Huawei Vision supports WiFi b/g/n, HotSpot functionality and DLNA.


The storage space can be increased to 32GB with the help of microSD slot.

Call Quality

Huawei Vision Price

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Huawei Vision offers smooth call quality by receiving signal without any lag. Audio quality is also up to the mark. Unlike the Huawei Honor, the Vision lacks video calls facility.

Huawei Vision Price

The price of Huawei Vision is $280.


Huawei Vision is an important stepping stone in the grand success of Huawei. Also, it makes a great phone for entry-level users who want to have a first-hand experience of Android. Although it looks somewhat like HTC Desire S, it offers some unique features too.