Identifying and Overcoming Anxiety in Men

Anxiety is a mental condition which happens to every individual during certain challenging situations which are absolutely normal. During an examination or examination result or any exciting situation there is supposed to be minimum level of anxiety which is considered normal.

Performance anxiety should be present in required levels to motivate a man to achieve his goals and get success in every sphere in life.However, if anxiety levels go beyond the healthy limit or if anxiety attacks are hampering your daily lifestyle then it is time to understand certain facts about anxiety and the possible ways to combat the same efficiently.

Susceptibility Of Men Ttowards Anxiety

Men are assumed to be more susceptible to anxiety than women. This is basically due to the masculine nature which tries to suppress any emotionally challenging situation by trying to act brave and indifferent. However, emotions have almost equal impact on both the sexes and while women can overtly act out their emotional outbursts men on the other hand remain unequipped to do the same. Thus, while women may find some relief men hardly get the same as the emotional turmoil within takes a severe form with various side effects.

Anxiety in Men

The worst part about anxiety in men is that it is often too late before anxiety signs and symptoms are identified or diagnosed due to the suppressing nature of men. Men unlike women try to find their own means to cope with anxiety rather than sharing or discussing with anybody else. However, extreme anxiety often manifests through certain signs which can help you to identify whether you are suffering from anxiety or not.

Overcoming Anxiety

Understanding Anxiety

To combat a problem first you have to address the problem by understanding and knowing about it. You have to identify whether you have the anxiety symptoms present in you and then you can decide whether you require consulting a physician or you can handle yourself the situation by following the steps of self help for combating anxiety.

Signs And Symptoms Of Anxiety In Men

Over Irritability

If you are getting irritated way too soon on trivial matters or if you are losing your temper just for no reason then you must take this sign of over irritability seriously. When anxious thoughts are repressed then it is natural that you will feel irritable as you will not be at peace in mind.


Headaches Headaches are usually the manifestation of some physical or mental disturbance rather than localized reasons being the cause. Frequent headaches are another sign of anxiety in men and should be taken seriously if no physical reason is found for the aches.


Loss of sleep is a common sign for extreme anxiety cases and this may be accompanied with certain other physical signs as well.

Fatigue And Digestive Disorders

Fatigue, tiredness, nausea and digestive problems may also be triggered due to anxiety. The mind and the body are connected in various ways and when there is significant disturbance in one the other is inevitably affected.

Breathing Difficulties, Frequent Urination And Mouth Dryness

These signs are manifested during extreme anxiety conditions or attacks. Usually when an individual faces a challenging situation then the body responds by going into the fight or flight condition which triggers release of certain hormones and also glucose for extra energy. Extra blood is pumped and the breathing gets tense. However, in chronic anxiety such signs keep appearing frequently.

Overcoming Anxiety Through Treatment

If you discover the above symptoms and you are not in a position to handle the same by yourself then you must consult a physician immediately to avoid further health complications.


Medication for anxiety is administered by the physician after diagnosing and judging your condition. Medication however may have certain side effects therefore it is recommended that you try to overcome anxiety first through self help methods discussed hereafter.Sometimes some other health condition may be responsible for anxiety conditions and therefore such conditions should be diagnosed and given proper treatment.

Seeking Psychological Counseling

Counseling or psychotherapy is a very effective means of overcoming anxiety. You can try this method by visiting a psychologist.

Seeking psychological counseling

She will be able to judge whether your symptoms can be relieved through counseling or additional help will be necessary or not. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a very effective therapy for anxiety.

Group Therapy And Support Groups

You can also try to seek anxiety relief through group therapies and support groups.

Self Help For Combating Anxiety In Men

Manage Stress

Stress management is very important for overcoming anxiety. Stress is an unavoidable aspect of life but through healthy lifestyle and positive thinking you will be able to manage stress effectively. Enjoy relaxation techniques, body massages and pamper yourself. Anxiety can be easily combated if you remain stress free.

Communicate With Loved Ones

Communicate with loved ones Don’t hesitate to communicate your feelings and fears with your loves ones including your spouse and close friends. Communicating and sharing doesn’t make you any less of a man but makes you emotionally mature.

Accepting Things That Can’t Be Changed

Learn to accept things over which you have no control. Try to find out alternate ways to channelize your desires and fulfill your dreams. Modify your expectations as when one door closes ten other doors open. Keep your mind and heart open to accept those opportunities which may make you happier than you expected.

Spend Quality Time With Loved Ones

Spend quality time with loved ones Being drowned within daily hassles and work pressure will inevitably make you worried, tensed and anxious. Try to find out time which you can spend qualitatively with your family. Have fun with your friends and plan holidays at least once in a while.

Remain Meaningfully Involved And Active

Remain involved in some activities which you like and keep your mind occupied in positive thinking. Remain active physically and mentally as your mind will find no scope to worry unnecessarily. Try to control your mind rather than letting your mind control you. Think positive and believe in them wholeheartedly. Find out the positive things in your life and feel happy about those facts. You will find fewer reasons to feel anxiety and more reasons to feel happy.