Identifying The Differences Between A Real And Fake Rolex Watch

Identifying The Differences Between A Real And Fake Rolex Watch

A Rolex watch is undoubtedly a status symbol that speaks volumes about the personality and charisma of the proud owner. Rolex is the trademark of Swiss lavishness and ranks highly among the best brands worldwide. The intricacy of design, the accuracy of movement and the magnificence of luxury and elegance displayed by the ranges of Rolex watches undoubtedly makes it one of the most priced items.

Affording a Rolex may not cater to most of our pockets yet it’s a dream for many of us to cherish flaunting a Rolex on our wrist. It may take a while before we become capable enough to afford an original Rolex watch and while acquiring the same we wouldn’t wish at any cost to land up with a fake Rolex.

Rolex being one of the most fashionable and highly sought after fashion items it also becomes highly prone to being faked and duplicated. Whoever wants to acquire a Rolex watch therefore remains apprehensive regarding buying one as nobody wants to land up with a fake Rolex.

The style and elegance Rolex speaks of and the variety of trends that has been pioneered by this exquisite brand becomes a reason for envy and awe for other competing brands. The result is the compulsive efforts for several brands to make exact replica of the Rolex which a layman will surely confuse for an original one.

confuse for an original one.

Many brands sell exact replicas of Rolex in much lower prices or they may even charge you a fortune for something that is actually not genuine. It is also important to identify a real Rolex from a fake one when you see somebody sporting a watch that looks like Rolex. To take all these things into consideration while identifying an original Rolex from a fake one it is therefore important for the prospective buyer to have a good knowledge about the Rolex watch itself.

The brand of watches that embodies style and accuracy and has ruled by setting trends in the world of time pieces for the last many decades needs to be known well before being appreciated and acquired in its 100% originality.

Popular Designs of Rolex Watches

Rolex watches are luxury items that can be cherished for the self and can also be given as gifts for most special people in your life. It is essential to learn about the various designs and kinds of Rolex watches that are available to make your search easier. This will also guide you to understand the thin lines of differences between original and fake Rolex watches.

The Rolex Oyster Submariner commonly referred as the ‘James Bond Watch’ is highly sought after among the males. The black dial with incandescent tritium digits of three, six and nine just loads it with the level of masculinity any man of substance would like to exude. The Rolex watches are designed for all age groups and both sexes.

fake Rolex Submariner

There are also particular designs that can cater to people in specific professions and for pursuing certain hobbies. For young boys Rolex has given Kew a Chronometer while Sea-Dweller came with its sapphire glass cover for individuals who love adventures and under water diving. The Rolex GMT Masters II is highly popular among pilots for its unique feature of displaying various time zones. The ruggedness is what men look for in Rolex watches along with accuracy, design and variety of features.

Rolex watches are designed to cater to a variety of tastes; while the fashionable and adventurous find Rolex designs according to their choice the simple and sober individuals may love to cherish the stainless steel collection that has supple Jubilee band along with18k white gold bezel covered with diamonds. The ladies Rolex watches also come in exquisite designs like that of Oyster Perpetual Datejust. Decked up in a white gold case, bezel and a sapphire crystal cover this watch is made in white gold.

Unique Features of an Original Rolex Watch

It is very important to know the unique features other than designs that set apart an original Rolex from any replica. Water resistance is maintained perfectly in an original acclaimed water resistant Rolex watch. Rolex watches are usually made from stainless steel and other expensive metals like gold and platinum.

Locking system is unique displayed through three dots that mark the triple lock feature and a continuous rotor ensures the watch’s continuous movement. The distinctive manufacturing skill of the oyster case ensures the safety of the watch even in adverse conditions.

Essential Tips to Identify a Fake Rolex From an Original

Apart from keeping in mind the kinds and unique features of Rolex watches you also need to remember certain bits of information that may guide you in differentiating an original Rolex from a replica. The differences when understood will clearly show how intricately maneuvered an original Rolex watch can be!

Essential Tips to Identify a Fake Rolex From an Original

Often the replicated versions have a clear case back which lets you view the inner mechanism and this feature is very much against an original Rolex. Also remember that there shouldn’t be any kind of engravings on the case back apart from few ladies Rolex watches that came before 1990s and also Sea Dweller which carries the impression “Rolex Oyster Original Gas Escape Valve”.

Original Rolex carries a hologram with the Rolex Crown symbol just above the reference number. Mention must be made here that prior to the year 2002 the crown symbol was not displayed and the reference number came in golden letterings. But now the letterings come in black. However, a fake Rolex sticker won’t be an authentic hologram which won’t change patterns when viewed from different angles as original holograms do.

The glass bubble feature in most Rolex original watches displaying date assists in magnifying the date for easy viewing while fake Rolex watches don’t come close. The triple lock is another unique feature that helps determining the authenticity by positioning an extra seal along the winding crown while a fake Rolex will have the normal screwing technique.

glass bubble feature

The minute hand in an original Rolex Yacht Master is much thicker than the minute hands of other Rolex watches and this is often missed out in fake replicas. Due to using substandard parts the replicas are often not as accurate in finish. Another such example is often the hour and minute hands in the replicated versions are not well rounded or reach till the end.

original Rolex Yacht Master

Often the bezel in a fake Rolex Submariner turns in both directions while the original moves only in anticlockwise direction. The difference in accuracy and intricacy in the registers also tell which is original and which isn’t. The case reference numbers incised must be checked carefully to see how they are etched and spaced. The fake ones often use the same numbers with small spacing and acid etching while the original has a diamond cut finish.