Know About Six Common Penile Skin Disorders

Penile Skin Disorders Penis is the male reproductive part which lets pass the semen during sexual arousal. Upon stimulation, its erectile tissue becomes stretched and rigid; it is due to the elasticity of its skin that penis is able to change size and appearance.

There are many penile skin disorders that a man may develop at some or the other points of time. While some of the complications may subsidize, others may be too serious to be neglected over a period of time. Let’s have a peep into some of these skin disorders of penis.

Peyronie’s Disease

Under this, the skin of the penis develops some plaque or fibrous which dose not allows it to become fully elastic during erection and the penis bends to form an angle. This may be accompanied by other symptoms like inflammation and pain. The disorder can have serious repercussions over one’s sexual life as the person may find it difficult to penetrate and not able to enjoy sex fully. The disease is more commonly found men above forty. There are many causes that can be attributed to Peyronie’s disease-some injury to penis, abnormality in connective tissues, and swelling of blood vessels.


This skin condition is identified by the inability of the foreskin to retrace itself from glans penis (head portion). The condition may be present at the time of birth or develop later on. There are a number of causes that can be attributed to Phimosis: poor growth of the foreskin, infections (tight foreskin), and abnormal structure of the genitals. A condition similar to Phimosis and is termed Paraphimosis.

As the name implies, it is the penis foreskin is unable to cover back the head once it is retraced from its original position. This condition may take serious turn if left untreated as apart from causing pain, it may result in a cut in blood supply to the genitals; this may require the complete removal of penis.


This infectious state is caused by the inflammation or redness of the penis’ foreskin. This may be followed by pain and stinky smell from the fluid-discharge.

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This happens when proper hygienic conditions are not followed. If the soap remains clinged to the area after bathing or the skin reacts adversely to the soap that you use for cleaning, the skin may get inflamed. Infections by several types of microorganisms may also be responsible for balantis.


Single or multiple ulcers may develop over penis skin; this can be due to diseases like syphilis, lymphogranuloma venereum etc. Herpes simplex is one of the ulcer conditions that is attributed to Herpes virus-this is characterized by the development of multiple blisters that may not only be painful but also spread to others via sex.


Sometimes, penis may develop small papules over the head portion. In most of the cases, these disappear after sometime. They develop around the glans penis’ foremost part or crown. These papules are not sexually transmitted.

Contact Dermatitis

This results from the allergy caused by the use of protective devices like condoms, deodorants, and lubricants. Continuous use of these may cause itchiness and irritation.

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