Laser Acne Treatment For Removing Unsightly Marks

Laser acne treatment is widely used these days to get rid of the unsightly marks left behind by pimples. The scars left behind by pimples can diminish the self-confidence of a person and greatly affect his / her social life.

As we age, the problem can get even worse. On many occasions it brings embarrassment especially to a young person. So it is highly important to get these marks removed by seeking acne scar treatment and also get your damaged skin rejuvenated.

Laser Acne Treatment

Fortunately there are various treatments available today for removing acne scar and you don’t need to endure these unsightly marks forever. Whatever treatment option you may choose, consult a trusted dermatologist or dermatologist surgeon before going for the treatment. Acne is a skin condition where oil is trapped below the surface of the skin and causes infection.

The outbreak of these whiteheads and blackheads occurs due to variety of reasons; teens get them due to hormonal changes during puberty and adults suffer from acne due to genes, environmental factors, age factor, stress etc. Various treatments that are available for treating acne and removal of acne scar include laser treatment, chemical peeling and topical skin treatment.

Laser treatment is an extremely successful treatment today. It is a relatively painless treatment and has almost no down time. But laser treatment should only be done under strict guidance of laser therapy expert and experienced medical practitioners.

Laser Acne Treatment for Removing Unsightly Marks

Acne scar laser treatment procedure is done only when there is no active acne present in the skin. If you are interested in acne scar laser treatment, talk to your dermatologist once you get rid of active acne on your skin, to know whether laser treatment will be the best option for your skin condition or not.

Over the years, laser treatment for removing acne scars have also advanced in its procedure. Previously laser procedure contained carbon dioxide which in some cases, used to destroy the top layer of the skin that result in permanent bleaching and scarring of the skin.

Laser Acne Treatment

But today non-abrasive razors are being used, which do not harm the top layer of the skin at all. This is not at all a painful procedure and recovery time for this procedure is not very long.

The only discomfort after this treatment patient generally endures is redness and swelling on the skin for a short period. This discomfort stays for few days only and patient gets his/her normal and acne free skin forever within few days. In fact, acne laser treatment is a great option for people who want to get rid of acne scar.

How Laser Acne Treatment Works?

When there is no active acne left in your skin, the first thing your dermatologist will do is clean your skin thoroughly and apply a cream to bring numbness to your skin.

After the skin goes numb, a laser beam will be applied to your skin to kill the bacteria that are responsible for active acne lesion and to shrink the sebaceous glands (Oil producing) that cause acne to occur. This procedure causes sebaceous glands to produce less oil and prevent the outbreak of acne in future.

Lasers encourage new collagen growth by filling the scars from within. The swelling and discoloration left from acne scars are also treated much in the same way as fine lines and wrinkles are removed using laser.  In fact laser treatment for removing acne scar is catching up fast and becoming popular day by day, among people who are self conscious.