4 Latest Men’s Hairstyle


4Latest Men's Hairstyle

With changing times, men are growing increasingly conscious of their looks.Earlier known for their callous attitude now- a-day an average cosmopolitan male would happily follow a skin regime, don branded clothes with fashion accessories and style their mane with latest products.Haircuts for men have however, been a 10 min. affair.

Going to the local salon,asking the barber to cut the hair short is mostly how they took care of their hair.  Haircuts have been most underestimated thing when it comes to Men’s fashion. Not many understand that what drastic change in overall personality a good haircut can bring in. In this article, we would quickly go through the latest hair trends for men. Choose one according to your face-cut and hair texture and look how the graph of your charm, appeal and desirability zooms from average to outstanding.

Top Latest Hair-cuts For Men Are Listed Below


Originally founded in 1920s, this haircut is now back and how! Earlier known for the young and daring, this haircut has made a comeback in a major way, thanks to the ramp- models that are often seen it sporting.It works wonder for people who have poker straight hair. Beauty of this haircut is it can be styled in number of ways.


In this haircut, the hair on the top of the head is kept untouched while the sides and back portion are cut short. Now with hair on top kept long you would experiment with different styles.You could sport an Indie-hairstyle with the hairs swept forward or you would want to don a Rockabilly hairstyle if your hair are naturally curly.Side swept quiff would give you a look that is unkempt but oh-so-desirable.


Latest Shoulder Length Haircut

If you are modern man with traditional heart chances are you are still in love with long locks and would not want to part with it. This year the chances are you could carry them off provided the hair cut is trendy and has a smooth finish. You could ask your stylist to remove extra volume from your hair to make them more manageable.A layered haircut works very good long locks but require a touch up quite often.

Latest Shoulder Length Haircut


You could style it with hair products giving it a crunch at tip of hair or in-case you are pressed for time a simple pony can get you going.For a casual beach side party wear a bandana to keep you hair from following off on your face.For that Greek-god look,wear your hair till chin and style it with side part or middle part,chances are you would carry it off even well if you have a long face.Hair length below your collar bone is an absolute NO-NO.

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Slick Hair With Side Part: Good Boy Look

Heavily inspired by Momma’s all around the world, this hairstyle has been always been a hit among one and all.If you have good amount of hair on your head (not for the ones who have receding hairline) and they are straight, you would have no problem getting this cut.

Slick Hair With Side Part Good Boy Look


All you need to tell you hairstylist is to give you short sides, a clean side part and let the hair in centre a little long than others. This haircut is more about precision than anything else.  You don’t have any scope for being untidy here, a little carelessness can spoil the whole look.

Curly Mop Haircut

Have you got really curly hair and have been told yours style is trickiest to manage. Well true, but only partly. With hair which have lots of natural curls and volume are difficult to cut but with little caution and tricks you could achieve that clean look.All you need to ask your hair dresser to give you a blunt cut,without negotiating on its length. This way you would give a look which has a clear shape and uniformed.

Curly Mop Haircut


You could trim your hair from the back side leaving thick volume of hair on the top as a variation from curly mop top, this would make your hair more manageable.Buzz and crew cuts are also some famous and latest haircuts for men who have naturally curly hair.  Take a cue from hair-style of Justin Timberlake who keeps experimenting with his hair often. Most loved hairstyle of him being where he kept ringlets on top and tapered his side hair.

You could clinch that most stylish hair award (if any) by constantly trying different hair-styles and keeping ones which suit your face-cut and persona.