4 Latest Types Of Shorts For Men


4 Latest Types Of Shorts For Men

When we talk about the different items in a man’s casual wear wardrobe, along with jeans, t-shirts and khakis, shorts also seem to be an important part of his wardrobe, being mostly used during summers. However, though men love wearing shorts, sometimes it gets difficult to choose the right one and match it perfectly with your outfit.

Shorts can be worn with different types of clothes,but matching them with clothes solely depends on the type of shorts that you are wearing.You can choose from a variety of shorts which are becoming increasingly popular lately and are forming the latest styles and statements.They are available in different sizes, colors, designs and even lengths.

Different Types Of Shorts For Men


Denim shorts seem to be one of the most sought after shorts in recent times, with each man possessing at least 2 to 3 types of denims shorts in his wardrobe. Denim shorts look extremely stylish and change your personality completely, if you are able to carry them well.


However, care should be taken that you do not team it with a white t-shirt as this can prove to be one of the most boring and monotonous combinations. Try bright colors like red, green, yellow or even a light blue and you can add a sleeveless jacket or scarf to give denims an absolutely new look.


Safari shorts are another latest style of shorts which make you look a class apart and change your dressing style altogether. Be it an adventure, picnic with friends or even a family outing, safari shorts seem to be the ideal choice for many men nowadays. These kinds of shorts send out a message of mystery and suspense and express the owner’s desire to be free and different from the routine life. You can enhance the looks by teaming up the shorts with a leopard print, safari or olive green jacket to complete the look.


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With sports being an integral part of every man’s life, sports shorts seem to emphasis a man’s love for sports. Men’s wear and apparels are being designed extensively by keeping sports items in mind to create that different and sporty look. The reason for the popularity of sports shorts is that it reveals the owner’s tough personality and masculinity to a great extent.

sport short

You can choose from a number of designs like geometrical shapes and patterns, bright colors and even the metallic look which sets you apart from the crowd. Match them with neutral color t-shirts so that the shorts gets emphasized on.


Lately, many men are wearing and preferring the plain look as compared to the various styles, designs and patterns which can be found on men’s shorts.

plain short

Plain colored shorts which may have checks, side pockets or stripes on them are being worn by those men who are just starting to wear shorts for the first time and wish to take it slow while they start to experiment this new apparel. These shorts are generally teamed up with a stylish and bright colored belt so that the person’s attire does not look boring and mundane overall.