Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Watch Review

Founded by two persons namely, Jorn Werdelin and Morten Linde, Linde Werdelin are in the forefront of manufacturing high end watches. Every model they produce has years of R & D work and every piece of watch undergoes rigorous quality test.

For example, Lindes took more than two years to design SpidoSpeed model watches. That only shows that every minute detail of the watch gets its due consideration in its design. In the Basel World exhibition to be held during the current year, SpidoSpeed is likely to emerge as a forerunner in the watch industry.

New Entrant

Unlike other manufacturers, Lindes do not have hundreds of years of experience. They are the new entrants to the field of horology. Unlike other manufacturers, Lindes do not bring out new models every year.

linde werdelin spidospeed

Yet, within short period of time, Lindes have been able to achieve and master horology to an extent where they are able stand up agile in the face of stiff competition by other renowned manufacturers. This speaks of the quality of Lindes products.

Latest Model: SpidoSpeed

SpidoSpeed is the latest model of Linde Werdelin. Horology experts are of the opinion that SpidoSpeed model is an improvement over its earlier model namely, ‘Spidolite’.

latest model of Linde Werdelin

Actually, Linde Werdelin is known for making complex casings one of the easiest affair. SpidoSpeed is a Chronograph watch manufactured for the first time by Lindes. Some even call this model as a three dimension watch.

Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Features

Interestingly, the design of this model replicates a car in many ways. The watch has dial which are multi layered which resemble the brake disc of a racing car. The sub dials of the watch also resemble the brake disc.

Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Features

The strap of the watch replicates the driving gloves in its design. Experts also say that SpidoSpeed uses the basic design of Concepto watches and the components that have into the making of SpidoSpeed has some of the basic principles of other watches.

It does not mean that Lindes have copied the model of other watches; it only means to say that while designing SpidoSpeed, some of the basic principles of other watches have been taken to improve the performance of their watches.


The watches manufactured by Lindes are high end watches like sports watch or watches normally preferred while diving, rock climbing, water sports etc. They are designed to take heavy vibrations, water pressure, changes in the moisture or withstand changes in temperature etc.

The dial of this model watch has two different colors to ensure better visibility. Interestingly each of the watch manufactured by Lindes is given chronological numbers. Perhaps the company has maintained details of each of the watches manufactured by them. For the present, Lindes have plans to manufacture only 100 SpidoSpeed design watches.

Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Watch Review

The SpidoSpeed is priced $15970 and it is in great demand particularly from sports personnel and particularly from those who participate deep sea diving, vyatching etc.

Experts say that the R & D of the Lindes should be congratulated for the success of the watches designed by them. The watch is available with leather and steel strap. The watch is light in weight and soon it becomes the pride watch of those wearing it.