Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

When someone asks you, do you want to lose weight with the least of efforts; you would scoff at them and think they are planning a prank on you, right? That’s quite a predictable thought.With so many promising ads to give you a slimmer and detoxified body, liquid diets are certainly too good to be true – well, sometimes they are! Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

Liquid diets are basically composed of liquids or fluids, to be specific, restricting intake of solid foods. How this diet is going to work varies according to each product. Whilst there are some liquid diets that comprise of fluids derived from vegetables and fruits, there are others that can be purchased over-the-counter as meal replacement shakes.Liquid diets have worked for weight loss as they contain a significant number of calories.

The only difference is that the calories are lesser than the normal food you would otherwise consume. It is obvious that fewer calories lead to quicker weight loss. However, it is important to learn that such rapid weight loss is likely to be short-lived. As you consume lesser calories, your metabolism will slow down to conserve some energy. If you do not change your diet habits, you are likely to gain back that weight, whenever you get back to your normal diet.

There are some well planned liquid diets that work effectively. Research has shown that diets comprising of liquid food can help in controlling the calorie intake in people, thereby, promoting weight loss for years.Liquid diets are definitely the greatest and quickest aids to weight loss, but lack of management can ruin efforts. It is very important to get all the necessary information on diets that work in turn helping you to achieve your goals. You can definitely lose weight and get fantastic results by following a few healthy tips:

Best Tips Of Liquid Diet For Weight Loss 

Choice of Liquid

Self-sustaining liquid diet is the first choice – it definitely has to be low in calories, but how low? If the diet is devoid of calories, it can cause fatigue, dizziness and eventually lead to body collapse.

Choice of Liquid

You must choose meal-replacements that contain all essential nutrients and antioxidants, similar to the ones available in fruits and vegetables.

Maintain a Decent Calorie Limit

We hate calories – but our body needs sensible amount of calories to function. Juice-fasting or liquid fasting is not recommended over a long time as it can lead to muscle loss, fatigue and anemia. An average human being should have 1200 calories in a day so that the body functions properly. Therefore, if you are eating 3 meals per day, your meals should be divided into 400 calories each.

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Don’t Exercise

For the first time, a dieter is being asked not to exercise. Well, there are a good number of reasons to support this. Once you start dieting on liquids, your body will be fueled to sustain through regular activities. However, when you start exercising, you will feel exhausted when you are on a liquid diet. You will lose weight rapidly and dangerously with exercise. Therefore, no exercise is recommended when on a liquid diet.

Eat Solids on a Break

Liquid diets should not be taken for long-term. Do not try to plan a staple diet on liquids. There are some essential nutrients that your body requires from solids too.

Lean proteins

Vegetables and lean proteins can be a good way of breaking your diet to add some strength and energy.