List of Possible STD Symptoms


STD is the short form for sexually transmitted disease which gets transmitted to one person from another while they are having anal, oral or vaginal sex. There are many types of sexually transmitted diseases which show a wide range of symptoms. This disease gets transferred or spreads to a person if that person has sex with someone who is already carrying the disease in their body.

A person who gets such a disease suffers from many signs and symptoms which confirm the presence of the disease. You can also get a test done to determine which kind of a sexually transmitted disease you are suffering from and what its treatment is.

Common Symptoms Of STD

Pain While Urinating

One of the most common symptoms of this disease is that a person who gets a sexually transmitted disease often feels pain in the abdominal area while excreting the urine. This pain may be accompanied with a burning sensation while the person urinates and he may have to urinate frequently.


Women often experience discharge from their vagina, which may be sticky and thick in nature, may or may not contain blood and have a foul odor with it. Men experience discharge from their penis which may or may not have a foul odor but contains blood in most cases.

Pain During Sex

Pain During Sex

If you have already got the disease from your partner, the next time you have sex, you will feel a lot of pain. Men will feel pain in their testicles while women will experience the pain in their vagina.

Abnormal menstruation

Women who suffer from the disease experience abnormal menstruation and their cycle may no longer function as it used to. They can start menstruating at any point of time or do not have their period for 2 to 3 months consecutively. In such a case, medicines will not be able to help a woman to set back her cycle as it was before.

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Itching and Burning

The patient of this disease may suffer from anal itching accompanied with a burning sensation. This may also be accompanied with pain in the bowel movements. A kind of irritation develops in the anal region and it generally increases at night.

Fever and Headache

Fever and headache are another set of common symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. The skin may develop rashes and the throat may become extremely sore.

Fever and Headache

In most cases, the lymph glands get swollen and the person feels fatigued at all times. He is unable to move around much if the disease reaches a later stage.

Shortness of breath

Another common symptom is shortness of breath which is accompanied by extensive coughing. The patient normally loses a lot of weight and becomes very weak. Diarrhea is seen in many patients and this aggravates the problem to a great extent.


The patient’s body becomes very weak and the immune system does not function as it should. This makes it very easy for various types of infections to enter the body and multiply. This may give rise to other diseases in the patient’s body.