Looks That Women Love On Men

Looks That Women Love All women like men who are tall, dark and handsome but there are some endearing qualities in a man’s dressing and mannerisms that makes women go weak in the knees. Overall, it is a potent and heady mix of killer looks and a stalwart personality that women like in a man. All of these contribute towards his manly appeal and good looks. Here are some of the top looks that women love on men.

Looks That Women Love On Men

Being Well Groomed

Just like women are rated based on their personal habits and dress sense, so are men. No woman likes a man who is unshaved, unkempt, dirty and smelly. Take the pains to wear good clothes, wear good deodorant and shave. Cut your nails and go in for a neat and stylish haircut.

While jeans and t-shirts are casually chic, women go crazy over men who believe in power dressing. Dress to please by wearing a trouser and shirt or a blazer/suit combination for formal evening wear. A man who takes care of himself exudes self-confidence and gives a woman the assurance that he can also take care of her.

Having Impeccable Style

Style is all about wearing fashionable clothes and carrying them with attitude and panache. You do not have to resemble a Greek god portrayed in the fashion magazines but it pays to have your own unique sense of style. You can choose your outfits from high street fashion, designer wear or street clothes but it is the confidence and the chutzpah with which you carry it off that turns women on. Wear classy and comfortable clothes that do not appear boring. Choose outfits that compliment your height, frame and skin tone. Dabble in different colours but please do not wear pink.

Work On The Smile

Looks That Women Love

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A killer smile can make the most average guy charming. Smile a lot when you are around the opposite sex. It gives the appearance that you are friendly, approachable and easy to be with and that is a huge turn on for any woman. Laugh a lot and you will carve a suitable niche for yourself in any woman’s heart.

Be Genuinely Good

Be yourself. No woman likes a man who is fake and pretentious. Be chivalrous and take care of all your women friends. It may not win you a beautiful date but you will always enjoy a certain amount of respect and dignity amongst the women clan. A guy who comes across as nice, gentlemanly and charming looks even more appealing to a woman.

Well Built And Athletic

The rules of exercising and staying fit apply to men also. Most women adore muscular, lean and athletic men. You do not have to be all buff and muscular but a lean and well-built frame will win you several accolades and admiring glances among your female friends. Women like men who take pride in their appearance and take the time to work out and stay fit.

These are some of the pointers to look stylish and suave in the eyes of any woman. Embrace these and your popularity with the opposite sex will always be sky high.

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