Lose Weight In 3 Months

If you want to lose weight, be prepared for three things. First, it’s not magic, so don’t expect it to happen overnight. There are no special plans and there are no special formulas. Second, it does not happen without hard work. Losing fat takes right exercises for the right part of the body along with continuous re-evaluation.

Lose Weight In 3 Months

Our final point; coupled with correct exercises, you would need the correct diet. Now most people understand dieting to be a form of starvation, whereas actually dieting refers to eating nutritious food and avoiding harmful or unnecessary elements.

How To Lose Weight In 3 Months

The Timeline

Let’s start off by taking a look at the tentative timeline towards losing the desired amount of flab. Let us create short targets for every week and move one week at a time. The ideal workout plan to lose weight is a good mix of aerobic and weight exercises.

Proper Yoga & Exercises

Aerobic exercise uses energy to burn fat and speed up the metabolism. Good examples of aerobic exercises are Treadmill, Stationery Bicycle and Stepper exercises.

Be aware to use proper breathing techniques while you are exercising. Breathing should not be erratic and should be in rhythm. Inhale deep to make sure oxygen fills up your lungs and exhale slowly. Proper breathing technique ensures that the oxygen properly oxidizes the fat in your body and blood vessels function properly.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises are perfect to start your workout. 15mins on the treadmill with 30 second breaks in between three 5-minute sessions will provide a good warm-up to your leg muscles and help increase blood circulation. Next, you can move on to the stationary bicycle and use the same mix as with the treadmill. For the Stepper, you can do 6 3-minute sessions with 30 second breaks.

Moving on to the next set of exercises. Muscle toning forms a very important part of weight-loss therapy. When you start burning fat, it becomes very important that your body doesn’t suddenly look out of shape. In order to maintain the solidarity in muscles and bring strength to the body, we need muscle toning exercises along with weight-loss techniques. Use of ab crunches, butterfly on the multi-gym and use of lightweight with exercises such as shoulder press, shoulder raise, bench-press ensure well shaped abs, shoulder, lats and chest muscles.

All these exercises need proper supervision and rhythmic breathing. The objective is to bring strength and shape to your muscles and not build mass for the moment.

Remember that while you concentrate on different parts of the body for everyday on your workout schedule, adequate amount of time must be allocated for leg exercises. A strong foundation ensures that the upper body grows better and is not limited or doesn’t look disproportionate.

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Eat Proper and Eat Healthy

Eating small snacks at regular periods instead of big meals at huge time differences is advisable. Empty stomach is harmful. Hence, it is important to start the day with stomach full breakfast. Healthy amount of protein is needed. Eggs, chicken, turkeys are good. Finish it off with some fruits. Remember to continuously keep filling yourself with water. Always keep yourself hydrated.

weight loss diet

Look for less oily food and no packaged foods. Boiled doesn’t always have to distasteful. Look up the net/read books/consult a dietician for healthy boiled foods that can be tasty as well. Adding a bit of salt and pepper will always attract your taste buds. Try to mix things up a bit and not stick to the same routine every day. That way you will be less prone to boredom. Finally, the most common recipe for effective weight-loss, try to keep off chocolates, soft drinks, cream as they are filled with calories and don’t contribute much to nutrition.