Lose Weight With Chinese Weight Loss Tricks

Weight loss endeavors go through lot of efforts which include lifestyle changes, dietary changes and physical activities. Among the various races and nations the Chinese and Japanese are well known for being able to maintain low weight while remaining fit and healthy. The various methods of the Chinese come down from ancient times therefore tested and validated through time and age.

Chinese herbs, Chinese foods and various other methods have scientifically shown to have considerable effect on losing weight and maintaining a slim body. The methods and tricks will be discussed here which are simple and easy to avail nowadays.

Chinese Weight Loss

The Main Secret of Chinese Weight Loss

Chinese people are among the slimmest people in the whole world. This is because the major portion of their diet consists of foods that hardly contain any fat while providing with the most essential nutrients. In this way their bodies remain slim, fat free and healthy. The methods of cooking and other lifestyle habits together create an overall wellness thereby keeping various ailments at bay and avoiding weight gain.

Chinese Weight Loss Ideas


Diet is one of the most important factors that determine weight loss and therefore also becomes an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish, lean meat, tofu, soy products and poultry are the main constituents of an ideal Chinese diet.

Diet Plan For Weight Loss

All these are the major foods that compile a balanced diet which is most essential for healthy living and maintaining proper weight.

Method of Cooking and Eating Habits

Along with diet the cooking methods and eating habits also play important roles to assist in losing weight. Cooking methods include boiling, steaming, stir frying, baking and grilling rather than deep frying. In these methods of cooking the nutrients and food values are retained while no fats get added. Chinese also take small portions of food which they chew properly without hurrying.

In this way the metabolism rate is boosted while the foods are also digested properly. Fiber rich foods keep the stomach filled for longer periods thereby not making you feel hungry which leads to indulgence in calorie intakes.

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Herbal Teas

The Chinese are well known for their strong habits of having herbal teas which are rich in antioxidants and several health benefits. The antioxidants fight aging signs and also assist in preventing weight gain by boosting metabolism rate.

herbal teas

Regular indulgence in herbal teas will cleanse your system from toxins and help in proper burning of calories rather than converting them to fat deposits.

The Chinese Lifestyle

Chinese lifestyle is considered one of the healthiest lifestyles. Accompanied with a very healthy and balanced diet the Chinese also remain active in various physical activities and exercises. Regular exercise, running, jogging, biking, swimming and so on help the Chinese people to remain in best shape forever. Herbal teas and healthy lifestyle can also help to combat stress effectively and keep various ailments that cause weight gain at bay.

Chinese food Therapy

Food therapy means curing any ailment through the intake of right foods. Chinese food therapy aims at the wellness of several important organs thereby fighting weight gain as well. Water retention in the body also being a cause for weight gain is combated by instigating loss of excess water through urination and absorbing water in areas required. Excess dampness in body slows down the fat burning process therefore it is necessary to absorb the dampness through the effects of certain foods.

Chinese food Therapy

The body can be instigated to absorb the dampness by taking aromatic foods like broad beans and hyacinth beans either grounded and taken with warm water or fried with salt and oil. Body should be cooled and dried as well to promote weight loss. This can be achieved through foods and also herbs that are cool and bitter. Bitter gourd and mung beans are such foods for cooling and drying the body.

To instigate draining of excess water it is necessary to warm the body through foods like cinnamon and ginger which have a pungent as well as sweet flavor. The body becomes warm and then loses water through perspiration and urination.

Water retention in the body can be minimized by fighting phlegm and dampness through proper functioning of the kidneys. Animal kidneys like that of pork, lamb, beef and chicken should be properly cooked by cutting into halves, well cleaned and then put into boiling water. Add wine to the water once it begins to boil and then add the kidneys. Take them with healthy sauce. Animal liver can be another option to avoid water retention by the body.