Major Causes Of Thrush

Causes Of Thrush Thrush is known to be a fungal condition that is triggered by the bacteria named candida albicans and results in the development of white patches in the mouth, which are known to be painful.

Health Experts have stated that this condition can affect any individual, irrespective of their age. There are many ways by which this condition can be treated. Home remedies are also considered to be helpful in treating this condition effectively. There are several reasons that are behind the development of this condition.

Some of the Major Causes of Thrush

Weakened Immune System

People with a strong immune system are considered to be less susceptible to contracting any kind of infection. However, there are many times when the immune system of person is weakened due to some kinds of medical treatments or certain diseases. This makes a person vulnerable to developing conditions such as thrush.

For Example– If a person is suffering from cancer, it may lead to a weakened immune system due to the fact that chemotherapy causes the immune system to weaken. Many Health Experts have stated that babies suffer from this condition due to the fact that their immune system does not have time to develop.


Diabetes is a condition that is associated with the inability of the body to produce or utilize glucose in the blood, is known to be a common cause of thrush. Health Experts have explained the reason behind the development of this condition.

Thrush causes

People who suffer from diabetes not only have a high amount of glucose present in the blood, but saliva as well. The sugar that is present in the saliva is known to result in the growth of fungi such as Candida, which is known to increase the risk of developing this condition.


Fungi such as Candida are known to grow when presented with a fertile environment. It has been stated that there is some amount of good bacteria that is present in the mouth that is known to prevent the bad bacteria as well as fungi from multiplying.

Consuming certain medications is known to disrupt the correct balance of bacteria as well as microorganisms in the mouth, leading to the increased amount of bad bacteria. The medications that are known to trigger this condition include corticosteroids such as prednisone as well as antibiotics.


Age is known to play a crucial role in increasing the risk of suffering from this condition. Health Experts have stated that if the person is too young or too old, it will heighten their risk of suffering from thrush. In babies, this condition is known to occur as a result of multiplication of the fungus due to the usage of unclean feeding equipment or pacifiers.

This is known to occur due to the fact that the immune system of a baby is not developed fully. It has been stated that those who are malnourished are at a heightened risk of developing thrush. Those who are old are also known to develop this condition due to the weakening of the immune system that occurs due to age.