Major Types of Red Italian Wine For a Special Weekend

Red Italian Wine Italy is known for producing the finest red wines in the world. It could be the fruity and delicious Bardolinos or lush Chiantis – Italian red wines are much-loved by wine lovers. Italy is known for its cheese-dripping food and full-bodied red wines. The red wines produced in Italy offer a lot of variety and quality which makes it a popular choice among wine enthusiasts.

There are many wine-growing expanses in Italy where different varieties of grapes are grown. These grapes vary in taste according to the region where they are grown. In Piedmont, the wine is crisp in taste whereas in Tuscany yields, the wines are full-bodied, healthy and bold. If you don’t know too much about Italian wines, then you have landed at the right place. We have listed the major types of red Italian wines below which will help you choose the best glass of wine for a much-awaited weekend.

List of Red Italian Wine

Barolo – Gets Better With Age

If you didn’t know this – wine gets better when it gets older. Old is certainly gold when it is about Barolo wine. Barolo is an excellent choice when it comes to Red Italian wines. It has a very powerful flavor to it and is full-bodied. Barolo is usually known as the, ‘king of wines’ by wine lovers.

Barolo Red Italian Wine

You must certainly try it because it is one of the finest red wines in Italy. The Barolo wine is made with Nebbiolo grapes in the Piedmont region. You can pair up this delicious wine with foods like meat or risottos which are creamy in nature. Sounds fab!

Barbaresco – Graceful in Nature

Barbaresco wine is also made of the same grape variety as Barolo. The only difference is that it is more graceful and softer. It too needs a bit of ageing in order to taste the best.

Barbaresco Red Italian Wine

The ageing duration is between 3-20 years. But the production of Barbaresco is certainly less than Barolo because it is grown in a few regions. You can have a glass of Barbaresco wine with Piedmont’s local specialties.

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Amarone – Bold and Full-bodied

Amarone wine from Italy is made from Corvina grapes which are air-dried. It is basically produced in regions like Veneto near Venice. The method called ‘recioto’ is used to produce this type of wine.

Amarone Red Italian Wine

Recioto is basically a method which involves picking of Corvina grapes and then, letting them air-dry for about five months or so. This way the dried-up grapes get their true flavors! This type of wine is bold, full-bodied and lush. You will love it with foods like roasted pork or a simple cheesy pizza.

Chianti – Well-crafted and Classy

The Chiantis that were produced before weren’t too exciting and people weren’t too excited to open a bottle of ‘Chianti’. It is true that it wasn’t made so well in the past, but these days, you will find Chianti’s is very well-crafted and wonderful to taste. It is basically made with Sangiovese grapes, but sometimes it can be combined with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc. The high acidity and hint of cherry and plum will definitely make you want more! You should definitely try it with foods like steak, grilled meat or roasted pork.

Looks like somebody is getting ready for a feast! Italians definitely know how to live, eat and enjoy their lives. Why don’t you purchase a bottle of red Italian wine and pair it with some excellent Italian food? Well, that would be a perfect weekend plan for sure! Choose the right Italian red wine for the weekend and have fun!