Make Your Girl Want You More

So you finally turned on your charm, flaunted it and got someone to like or even love you. If you think you’ve shown her everything good about you have done everything you could’ve possibly done to attract her and she could want you no more than she already does, just stop and think again.

Make Your Girl Want You More

Getting a girl to like or love you is just the first step dude and that too the easier bit, the harder part is to make her want you more and more each day. So boys gear up, follow my advices and I’m sure your girl would be really proud of her choice.

How To Make Girl Want You More

Give Her Time

Okay so both of you’re busy and rarely have time for proper outings, but trust me “baby, I am busy” or “honey, too much work” won’t get you anywhere. I am not asking you to leave your job! Start the day by texting, tell her you want to be with her or miss her, if you have time call her and tell her you just wanted to hear her voice and trust me she’d feel really good because (secret #1) girls love to feel wanted. After the day’s work you may even take time off and talk to her over phone, just let her know that you care.

Surprise Her

Girls simply love surprises. So if you’ve any surprises for her don’t go about spoiling it. Surprise gifts, flowers and anything. Surprise visits are also good.

Make Your Girl Want You More

Let her know that you’re on your way to pick her up from office, college or wherever, she might be a bit hesitant and make excuses that’s because (secret #2) girls always want to look their best in front of their boyfriends and she might be afraid that you wont like her after-work look, but whatever she manages to put on before your arrival, appreciate her and tell her she looks great or you love her was-a-hard-day look, and watch her blush.

Be Proud Of Her

Appreciate your girl; tell her you love what she does. Tell all your friends about her and if possible your parents too, it’d make her feel important. If you’re going around with her and happen to meet your friends don’t be shy of introducing her to them. Introduce her proudly even if she’s not looking her best and your lady love will like it because (secret #3) girls love the fact that their boyfriend does not only dig her looks but is also proud of her. She’d not only feel good about herself, she’ll be proud of you too.

Be Her Defender

If you are Superman or Spiderman this isn’t for you. On the other hand if you aren’t better read on. Girl’s love masculinity in boys, so the next time someone harasses your girlfriend; don’t ask her to just let it go, instead ask her for a detailed description. Be a man, go up and ask the harasser to stop at once.

I won’t advice you to fight but be firm and send vibes that you aren’t afraid to face him. Your girl would simply love you for this because (secret #4) they always want to know that they are with someone who cares and is capable of being her very own He-Man.

Be A Good Friend

Make Your Girl Want You More

Girls would always want their boyfriends to be their best friends, but you don’t have to talk about make up and shopping to be that. Be a friend in need. Whenever she’s sad or angry, listen to her (preferably without much interruption), you don’t always have to give advice just lent her a support.

Be strong and make her strong and after you’ve been her pillar of strength she’d love you more because (secret #5) they love to know the fact that someone will always be beside them, come what may. A masculine man with an emotional side is always welcome.

Make An Effort

Make an effort to look good whenever you go out with her. Wear some good clothes and put some good fragrance .She’ll appreciate the fact that you’re trying to impress her again even after you’ve “got her”. Always remember to pay her a compliment.

Usually you should compliment her everyday but on a date look into her eyes when you say it, she’d feel really flattered because (secret #6) girls feel good when they know that their boyfriends still dig them and are trying hard to woo them. Girls love the wooing phase, even if the relation is very old, wooing can never go wrong.

Make Her Feel Important

Before you take a major decision, talk to your girl and take her advice. If you’re planning a trip with other friends let her know beforehand, all this will make her feel important because (secret #7) a girl likes to know that her guy takes her seriously and her advice is equally important.

So now that you know the most important secret let me give you some handy tips and then you’re all set. So the top tips to make her fall in love again and again

• Treat her with respect.
• Never try and make her jealous or hurt her knowingly.
• Try and remember anniversaries and important date (write them down or set alarms).
• Ask her what she wants to do on an outing so that she knows that she’s important
• Give her a flower now and then, doesn’t have to be an occasion, just a token of love.