Makeup For Men To Help Them Achieve A Handsome Look

Makeup For Men To Help Them Achieve A Handsome Look

What do you think about men wearing makeup daily? More and more men are saying yes to makeup and cosmetics and there are more and more cosmetic companies that are developing products for men’s needs. Essentially, the way the appearance of a man was viewed is beginning to change.

Men have not only started dabbling different hair products and styles, men these days are also getting pedicures and manicures done. In fact, body hair, which previously used to be the “manly” symbol, is being removed by many men. Markets these days have a range of cosmetics and makeup available for men.

Men’s cosmetics mainly comprises of shaving, skin care, hair care and general grooming products. By saying men’s makeup, we do not of course mean an eyeliner or lipstick, but there are beauty products and cosmetics that are specifically designed for men. The idea is allowing men to experiment with their looks and make them feel self worthy. Truly speaking, using men’s cosmetic in the right way can offer transformative results.

Although a man’s skin is quite tougher and thicker as compared to a woman, but it essentially due to difference in pH and testosterone level. Because of this, men require specially formulated makeup and grooming products so that the makeup rightfully reacts with the skin, creating a charisma that allows even men to feel and look good.

Why Men Are Wearing Makeup?

Men of today understand that women apply makeup not only because they like it, but also because they need it. Makeup helps us to look beautiful and present a flawless skin. Makeup helps us hide scars, acne problems and dark circles. It is only makeup and cosmetics that help our facial features appear larger or smaller.

Why Men Are Wearing Makeup

With the help of makeup, it is not only possible to feel and look more beautiful, it also helps us reap other benefits. For instance, foundation not only hides skin imperfections, it also protects skin from sun’s harsh rays and other environmental factors. With so many benefits that makeup offers, even men have the right to feel concerned about their skin and hide scars, pimples, and acne problems in order to look attractive.

The Basic Makeup For Men

There are a number of cosmetic products that the basic makeup kit for men must contain. These cosmetics include:

A Shine Reduction Powder:

A Shine Reduction Powder

This is a powder that controls shine and forms a transparent layer of silky powder over the skin, protecting it from harsh environmental factors. A shine reduction powder can be applied with the help of a blush brush or fluffy pad. It is always better to choose a Shine reduction powder that has natural-matt finish. Alternatively, a foundation that matches the skin tone can also be purchased. A shine reduction powder works well with all skin types. Areas that have hair should not be treated with powder, instead, a bronzing gel can be applied.

Skin Concealer:

A cosmetic skin concealer is essentially a cosmetics product that hides age-spots, tattoos and dark circles under the eyes. It is always better to choose a water-resistant liquid concealer so that maximum cover-up can be provided to the skin.

Skin Concealer

Also choose a concealer depending on your skin tone. You may also blend the concealer with foundation to better cover the skin imperfections.

Face And Body Bronzer:

These products bestow a radiant and luxurious glow on skin. Bronzers are nothing but tinted cosmetic powders that help in creating a natural, fabulous, shimmering tan shade on skin. Choose a matte bronzing powder, preferably with a shine and oil control, in order to give your body a natural and healthy coverage.

Face And Body Bronzer

Lip Serum:

Men can keep their lips smooth and soft and make them appear fuller with help of a lip serum. The serums protect lips from shrinking by conditioning and moisturizing them. Men must choose a lip serum that contains vitamin E and is not glossy.

Lip Serum

Why Men Cannot Use The Same Cosmetics As Women?

There is a high degree of difference between men’s and women’s skin. Men’s skin is 20% harder and thicker in comparison to a woman. Moreover, men have larger pores that attract more grime and dust as compared to women. Because of this, men require products that are specially formulated to clean more dirt and are strong enough to soften men’s skin.

One more difference between men and women make up is that, while makeup for women emphasizes and embellishes while hiding blemishes and other skin imperfections, men’s makeup is made to mostly hide. Under-eye dark circles, wrinkles and razor nicks can be vanished using men’s cosmetics.

Make-up Application Tips

Following are some steps that should be taken to make application of makeup easier and perfect.

Exfoliate The Skin:

As men have larger pores on their skin, exfoliation is the first step that should be taken before applying makeup. Exfoliating skin will help in removing dirt and dead skin cells while allowing skin to look healthy. If needed, you may also shave the skin.

Apply A Toner:

Apply A Toner

Application of toner should be the next step as it will help minimize pores and control production of oil throughout the day. A toner also refreshes the skin and removes last traces of dirt.

Apply A Moisturizer.

Apply A Moisturizer

Application of a moisturizer is very important step but the kind of moisturizer you apply must depend on the type of skin you have. If you have oily skin, buy an oil-control lotion. Alternatively, if you have a dry skin, buy a moisturizer that seals the moisture within your skin.

Use A Concealer:

Use of concealer is only recommended if you have scars, acne or dark circles. Buy a concealer that suits your skin tone and apply it using a concealer brush. You can blend it into your skin by tapping your fingers. You may also use a foundation with the concealer.

However, it is important to make sure that both the foundation and concealer are of same color and also match your skin tone. Also check your skin type before buying foundation and concealer. If there is a need, you may set up the makeup with loose powder, but make sure you apply it very lightly.