Men Looking For Men: Where To Find Person Of Your Dreams?

men looking for men Finding loved ones is not easy. Be it men seeking a women or vice versa or people seeking partners of same sex.

The search of soul-mate seems like an eternal search more so if you are a busy person with many professional commitments. Even if you take time out of your busy schedule just to go on a date anxiety, nervousness and the fear of being caught with a wrong person over-shadows the joy of rendezvous.

It has been not long ago when the same sex marriage or relationships have come out in open. While a few continue to frown upon it other few feign ignorance. When the society itself gives such mix reviews about sexual preference, meeting someone of your dreams, gets even more difficult.

A lot of people are still in closet. They don’t want to talk about their sexuality in open manner and that is only fair. Sexual preference is a personal choice; nothing and no one can have an opinion or can judge other person with respect to it.

Avenues: Men Seeking Men

With so many hindrances one might think how two men of similar tastes and thinking, would be able to eventually search themselves? Well, there are a few ways that would make that search of yours easier.

Gay Dating Clubs

With lot many people coming out openly with their sexual preference, enrol themselves with various dating clubs. These dating clubs aren’t any different from most you have heard about.

Gay Dating

In fact all major cities would definitely have them now, even if the number is few. These dating clubs may or may not charge you a nominal fee for enrolment. Then would ask you to fill a small form so as to know what exactly you are looking in for a partner. And on basis of those details, they would shortlist a few candidates and set up a date at your convenience.


Men and bar are almost synonymous on weekends. If you are looking for that dream partner of yours, hit the pub.



A lot of men like bonding over booze, as that helps them to get over initial awkwardness and meeting at public places make the “date” less official. If you get bored or understand the person is not what you are looking for, you could still end the date at a “high” note.

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Okay, we agree it is really irritating when your couple friends try to set you with someone. But look at the positives, you could meet a person who is not a total stranger, you might have a few common interests and if you are not really interested you can convey your sentiments to your friend and he/she will take care of it.


Social networking sites, dating sites, chat rooms are multiplying at shocking rates.  With smart phones, tablets and with being a personal computer present at all places, it is easier to find love online.  Anonymity, flexibility and exposure that are not confined to a city or country make online dating even more desirable.

Why should men seeking men should rely on websites?

A lot of people log online to search like minded people. This is mostly done because it saves lot of money and time. All you need to do is enrol to any authentic looking website, key in your likes and dislikes and choose the person whom you find is closest to your liking.

people log online

Best part of searching of your partner online is you are allowed to chat incognito i.e. you don’t have give away your personal details like name and photo unless you are comfortable doing that. Here you can talk to heart’s content and on variety of topics, before you plan to meet up.

Video calling or web cam facility can be used in case you want to be sure of other person’s identity. Your search for your soul-mate is not restricted to a city or a country or a continent.  This gives you an opportunity to exchange ideas with huge volume of people and you could take your own sweet time to decide.


Online dating is not risk free. In fact cheating someone is easier when you don’t have to face them. Many cases of fraud, cheating and harassment have been reported.  It is easier for the person to pretend what he is not, while chatting online. This creates a huge gap between real and virtual-avatar of the person.  Someone who is witty and humorous online can get awfully tongue-tied when you meet him face to face.

Men seeking men is not an easy task but given the perks of living with person who can understand you and loves you the same, isn’t this risk worth taking?