Mens Wallet Buying Guide

For a man, a wallet is not only a utility but also a style statement these days. The type of wallet you use shows how organized you are. There a very large variety of wallets available in various designs, brands, sizes and shapes. The various styles in men’s wallets are trifold wallets, billfold wallet and front pocket wallet. There are wallets available in variety of different materials like in skins, nylons, hides etc. Leather wallets are a hit among the men.

Men’s wallets range from a few dollars for something that is simple to hundreds of dollars for a more sophisticated designer one. You may not always get the kind of wallet you want readily available in the market. You can always shop online; online stores provide a wide range of wallets from the simplest to most sophisticated ones. Some tips for selecting the right wallet:

Mens Wallet Buying Guide 

If you are a businessperson meeting clients etc almost all the time, go for a wallet, which provides you with extra space for storing your visiting cards. If you have to carry all your credit cards with you, go for a coach wallet that has a lot of compartments for credit cards.

Mens Wallet Buying Guide

If you carry a lot of cash with you go for a brown wallet, where the notes can be kept without folding them. If you are more of a creative type, go for the authentic style of a wallet that has that sleek and stylish work done on it.

The Different Types Of Wallets Available Are

The Billfold

This is the classic yet stylish form of a wallet. This a familiar type of a wallet made up of leather, having two or three folds just to fit in right in the back pocket. They have all the slots what a basic wallet carries. If you are confused as to what wallet you need to go for then a billfold wallet is the best choice, both practical and economical.

The Breast Wallet

If you want to store bank notes without a fold, go for the breast fold wallets. This wallet is taller than the billfold therefore it is difficult to carry it in your pants. This is usually kept in your suits inside the breast pocket, inside a briefcase or bag.

Mens Wallet Buying Guide

The Travel Wallet

If you travel a lot, then go for the travel wallet. Though it is larger and fatter than the breast wallet. But it has enough space to carry cash, some plastic, passport, tickets etc. Too large to keep in pants as well as in the breast pocket, you just need to keep it in your briefcase or any carryon bag, which you can carry handy.

The Zip Wallet

Zip wallets are the latest trend these days. An excellent alternative for the billfold style. Both functional and stylish which best suits your style. Choose your wallet according to your needs and style. Brands like Gucci, Kenneth Cole, Guess and Harley-Davidson provides you with a wide range of wallets.

If you more of businessperson, you may like to buy a leather wallet, it will best suit your personality. If you are more of a casual person, go for casual sports wallet usually made up of soft fabric materials.

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