Most Expensive Camera Hasselblad HD4 60 Review

If you are a camera buff and interested in knowing which one is the most expensive in the world at this moment which you can buy and use, then read on.

Most Expensive Camera Hasselblad HD4 60

At this moment the most expensive camera in production is the Hasselblad HD4 60. It belongs to the family  of digital medium format SLR camera. HD4 has three versions, the 40, 50 and the 60 with these numbers denoting the megapixel of the sensors. And to get the HD4 60 you will have to shell out nothing less than $42,500.

The camera is of a modular design. So you can dismantle all the sections of the camera including the digital back and the viewfinder. That also means that you can access that sensor and clean it yourself. But with that the camera adds one disadvantage.

Hasselblad HD4 60

The sensor is vulnerable to accidents or even a single moment of carelessness. Though one has the advantage of using different backs, it is difficult as the camera needs recalibrating for each kind of back.

The camera comes with 3 choices of viewfinders, the  HVD 90x, HVD 90 and the HVM. The last one is a waist level viewfinder while the first two are eye-level ones.


The Hasselblad HD4 features a sensor measuring 40 x 50mm and it packs a whopping 60 megapixels. It means that without any resizing you can easily get prints measuring larger than 48 X 36 inches at resolution of 180dpi.

This is enough to please the most discerning of the professional in the industry as the camera sets new benchmark for the medium format digital cameras.

Hasselblad HD4 60

It provides the ultimate in both creativity as well as image quality. This DSLR can operate with any of the Hasselblad H system lenses and captures the images in RAW 3FR and 8 bit TIFF format. These lenses have inbuilt leaf shutters that allow flash synchronization at any speed you like providing you with more scope of creativity.

The shutter speed range is between 32 seconds and 1/800 second while the ISO speed range is between ISO 50 and ISO 800. One can choose from spot, center weighted and centre-spot metering.

Hasselblad HD4 60

The HD4 has a 3 inch TFT color display with histogram feed back. Host connection is made through Firewire 800 (IEEE 1394b) for fast data transfer.  The storage is done on U-DMA type CF cards or it can be tethered to any PC or Mac. Approximately 100 images can fit in an 8GB CF card. The camera is powered by rechargeable 7.2v/ 1850mAh Li-ion battery.


If you are thinking that why people are willing to fork out such a huge amount for any camera, then it can be said that they are image quality freaks. And Hasselblad has been supplying them with the ingredients for madness years after years.

This time also Hasselblad does not disappoint its fans. The color rendition is warm and needs very little tweaking to get the right color. In fact when working in tandem with any Hasselblad lens, the camera provide clarity from corner to corner.

If any one feels one negative point must be said about this camera, then it can be said that it is on the heavier side and hand held shooting in low light condition is difficult.