Most Popular Types Of Blueberry Wine

Types Of Blueberry Wine We have always associated wine with grapes, mostly red and white. However, there are other fruits which can be fermented to make great tasting wine. Blueberry wine has been around for many years, yet only a few have accepted its taste.

Its holiday time and why not indulge yourself into a new and exciting variety of Blueberry wine.

Different Variety Of Blueberry Wine

The Keel And Curley Winery

The Keel and Curley Winery was the first wine maker to explore beyond the normal grape wines. Since 2003 they have experimented with Blueberry Wine and its delectable smell and texture.

The Keel And Curley Winery

At The Keel and Curley they do not mix the Blueberries with grapes, they harvest premium blueberries and create an intense flavor and the authentic reddish purple color. The smell and the flavor are intense and can be overwhelming for some. There are three types of Blueberry wines in the market today, the Dry Blueberry Wine, Semi-Dry Blueberry wine and Sweet Blueberry wine.

Dry Blueberry Wine

For those who are well versed with the process of tasting wines, they know the existence of tannins. Tannins are compounds which are formed during the wine making process. Wine tasters and enthusiasts describe this taste as a dry feeling in the mouth.

This is why the wine is considered as Dry Wine. This is considered as a wine which does not have much sugar. The sweetness derived from it is mainly because of the dry blueberry. The tannin flavor is overhauled by the exotic taste from the dry blueberries.

Sweet Blueberry Wine

The sweet blueberry wine is best suited for outdoor parties and gatherings. If wine lovers are looking for dessert wine, than the sweet blueberry wine would be the perfect choice.

Sweet Blueberry Wine

The sugar content in this wine is very high and this wine is mostly preferred by women. Ripe blueberries are used to prepare this wine which insures a sweet and intense taste. Similar to the other wines, grapes are strictly avoided to preserve the authenticity of the blueberries.

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Semi Dry Blueberry Wine

When considering a blueberry wine with a meal, the Semi dry blue berry wine fits the bill. For those wine lovers who do not prefer the dryness of Tannin and at the same time do not want the wine to be too sweet can opt for the Semi Dry Blueberry Wine.

This wine is best suited for heavy meals which include red meat. The preparation is done with tart blueberries and honey, thereby sweetening the flavor. The Keel and Curley Winery recommend this wine for the holidays and special occasions.

Blueberry Wine

All blueberry wine come in bottles of 750 milliliters and have approximately 12% alcohol by volume.

Blueberry Wine

The Atlantic Blueberry company owns the largest blueberry farm in the world and since 1995 they have been making the finest blueberry wines in the world.

As said before the Keel and Curly Winery produce the largest selling Blueberry wine in the world, apart from them the Bear Creek Winery in, Homer, Alaska produces similar quality of Blueberry wine. The prince range of these wine bottles can be from US$10 to US$ 35 depending on the brand.