6 Skin Care Products For Men

6 Skin Care Products For Men

Gone are the days when concern for skin and beauty was reserved for the women. Today, a lot of men are waking up to the fact that their skin needs just as much looking after as a woman’s skin does.
Here are four absolute must haves for every man looking to have healthy skin.

Best Skin Care Products For Men


Most of the times, the amount of water we drink is not sufficient for maintaining a healthy moisture content in skin. This is where a good moisturizer comes in. It keeps your skin hydrated, prevents premature aging and lends an energized feel to your face.


Essential for skin cell regeneration, moisturizers work with elements like shea butter and glycerin that keep the skin’s moisture content locked in.This helps to counteract the pollution and air-conditioned environments that have a drying, itchy effect on skin.

If you have oily facial skin,opt for an oil-free moisturizer. Or if you work long hours under the sun, then choose a moisturizer that has an inbuilt SPF protection.

Face Wash

Men, move over the days of washing your face with the same soap bar you use for the rest of your body. Your facial skin is different so it needs a different product for itself. Available in forms of gel, creams, or even bars, an effective face wash will take care of the daily grind of dirt, pollution and pimple causing bacteria for you.

face wash

Since a man’s facial skin has large pores with active oil glands, you must find a product that washes away the unwanted oils from your face but not rob it completely. A face wash must be used twice a day, mornings and nights.

Lip Care

Low climatic temperatures, windy conditions, over exposure to sun and smoking are some of the reasons for unhealthy lips. Since the skin on your lips is extremely thin, it is liable to become dry and crack faster than the skin of your face or hands.

lip care

Lips also do not contain any oil glands that will retain moisture in them. There are a host of lip balms in the market. Look for ones with SPF in them. Effective lips balms contain moisturizing agents like Jojoba oil, shea butter, aloe vera andVitamin E. Lip Balms need to be reapplied frequently.


The sun affects the skin in more number of ways than one. Spending even a few minutes in the sun can have a tanning and darkening effect on your face. A basic minimum of SPF1 is a good level to start with. Look for a product that offers UVA/UVB radiation protection.


Most sunscreens for men are lightweight and have a non-greasy texture. Some products also contain added vitamins that give your skin an energized feel and also help to reduce eye puffiness. Sweat-proof sunscreens are most suited for men.

Now that you know the basic essentials of skin care, go out and invest in a few skin care products. With just a little attention to your skin, you can look younger and smarter than ever before.