Natural Remedies For A Cold

Natural Remedies For A Cold Common cold is a kind of viral attack of the nasal tract and throat in which the symptoms include runny nose, coughing and nasal congestion. Sometimes there might be accompanying mild fever and the symptoms may remain for 3-5 days. Other accompanying symptoms may include itchy and sore throat, sneezing, watery eyes, body cramps, headache and fatigue.

Common cold is usually not a serious ailment to worry about and may happen to most healthy people once or twice in a year depending upon the immune strength. Usually you may get medicines from over the counter drug stores to relieve the symptoms for a while. Natural remedies for a cold bring relief and are devoid of any side effects. It is very easy to use natural remedies for cold as you get most of the things easily in the market or at your home.

Prevent Colds With Natural Remedies

Intake Of Warm Liquids

Intake of any warm liquids during a cold brings relief to the sore throat and also decongests the nasal tract. During a cold you tend to become dehydrated which can be taken care by frequent intakes of warm liquids.

Intake Of Warm Liquids

The nose and throat feels soothed when you take warm drinks during a cold. Take hot ginger tea and adding honey and lemon may make it more effective.

Zinc And Multivitamins Through Proper Food Intake

During a cold usually your immune system gets challenged and therefore to restore the strength of the same you need to take zinc and multivitamins. Zinc is essential for numerous enzymes working within our body and it can be taken though foods such as seafood, meat and eggs. You need to take proper diet including green vegetables and fruits which can relieve cold symptoms and make you feel healthy and fresh soon enough.

Gurgling With Warm Saline Water

Gurgling with warm saline water acts as a medicine for the sore throat as saline water has several benefits.

Gurgling With Warm Saline Water

The mucous membranes are soothed as the pH balance is restored in the throat membranes. The excess mucous is also cleansed and blood circulation is improved to trigger the activities of infection fighting cells.

Citrus Fruits

Take more of citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, grape fruits and mandarins. These are store houses of Vitamin C which acts as a natural medicine for relieving cold symptoms. Citrus fruits have several health benefits and can also assist in keeping you well hydrated during a cold.


Garlic can be a very effective home remedy for cold and especially little babies can find relief by just putting a thread of garlic cloves around their neck.


Adults may take garlic in warm soups or by just crushing them. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of allicin present in garlic bring immediate relief to cold symptoms.

Take Steam

Take Steam Take a steam bath or just breathe in steam from a bowl of hot water. You may add essential oils with medicinal properties like the eucalyptus oil which brings soothing relief to cold symptoms. Breathe in the steam after mixing the oil into the hot water and your nasal congestion will be relieved.

Herbs For Cold

Several herbs like Echinacea, ginseng and elderberry have various medicinal benefits and can be effective to relieve cold symptoms. Consult an expert or a physician to use these herbs to get relief from cold.