Natural Remedies For Bladder Infection

Natural Remedies For Bladder Infection Bladder infections are extremely common and affect almost everybody at some point of time. These infections are caused by certain bacteria. Though such infections are not very dangerous, they must be promptly treated so as to prevent them from spreading to other parts of the body, such as the kidneys.

If these infections reach the kidneys, they can be quite dangerous for the person’s health. The common symptoms of a bladder infection include pain and burning while urinating, the desire to urinate very often and pain in the lower region of the back. In certain cases of bladder infections, the patient might also notice the presence of blood in their urine.

All of these signs should not be ignored and the person concerned must seek medical help to eliminate the infection completely, before it touches other organs in the body. There are many medicines that are effective in the treatment of bladder infections. However, one can also make use of certain remedies that are completely natural. Such remedies include certain herbs and foods that are able to kill the harmful bacteria. Make sure to treat this infection as soon as you notice the symptoms.

Neglecting the infection will only prolong your treatment and cause you a great deal of discomfort. While making use of the natural remedies mentioned below, it is also important to mention that one must increase the consumption of water while suffering from such an infection. Doing so causes the destroyed bacteria to be flushed out of the body.


Bearberry is very effective in the treatment of bladder infections, irrespective of whether the infections are mild or severe. This herb is power-packed with tannins that are beneficial in curing bladder infections. These tannins cause the membranes of the urinary bladder to tighten and this hastens the healing process of this infection.

In the treatment of bladder infections, experts recommend the use of bearberry leaves instead of the fruits of this herb. These leaves contain many active ingredients that are able to fight and destroy the harmful bacteria that cause the infection. Arbutin and hydroquinone are two key ingredients present in bearberry leaves, which have proved to be effective in eliminating bladder infections.

These leaves can be consumed in the form of herbal supplements that can be easily purchased from any medical or herbal store. If you have access to fresh or dried bearberry leaves, you can make use of these leaves to treat bladder infections. Boil or soak some of these leaves in a sufficient amount of water.

Strain it and consume it regularly throughout the day. Although this remedy is extremely beneficial in the treatment of bladder infections, one must be very careful to consume moderate amounts of bearberry. Consuming excessive amounts of this herb can cause great damage to your liver.


This common plant has proved itself in the treatment of bladder infections. Leaves of this plant are used to combat such infections, due to the fact that these leaves are diuretic in nature. This means that the consumption of these leaves leads to an increase in the production of urine, in the human body.

Remedies For Bladder Infection

This property of dandelion is exceptionally beneficial in eliminating such infections because the urine forces out any bacteria that might be present in the urinary bladder. This helps the patient to recover within a short span of time.

Green Tea

Green tea is a very powerful antioxidant and has been used to treat numerous cases of bladder infections. Many experts in the field of medicine have recommended the consumption of this tea on a regular basis, in order to stay healthy. In the case of a bladder infection, green tea brings about much improvement in the condition of the person.

This is due to the fact that green tea is an effective astringent and so it is able to destroy the bacteria. It is also able to firm up the membranes of the urinary bladder, thus reducing the discomfort of the patient. Green tea must be consumed in small amounts throughout the day. This has a diuretic effect on the body and causes the patient to urinate often, thus helping to rid the body of the harmful bacteria.


This herb is also very useful when used as a remedy for bladder infections. Nettle is very rich in vital vitamins and minerals which are able to soothe the membranes of the urinary bladder. Besides soothing these membranes, nettle is also beneficial in destroying and removing the problem-causing bacteria from the body.

When consumed, this herb acts on the lining of the bladder and the entire urinary tract, thereby providing the necessary relief from the infection that is present there.

Nettle can be consumed in a variety of ways. This herb is readily available in the form of supplements that can be taken in the form of tinctures or capsules. Besides this, nettle can be used as a remedy for bladder infections by making use of the fresh herb.

This herb can be chopped and cooked so as to make it suitable for consumption. Alternatively, one can boil some fresh or dried nettle in a cupful of water and use this like a tea. You can make use of any of these methods in order to get relief. Consuming nettle on a regular basis is even helpful in keeping bladder infections at bay in the future.


Many people who have been suffering from bladder infections have got a great deal of relief while using cranberries. They are loaded with antioxidants and help the body to recover quickly from an infection. Cranberries are also rich in vitamin c, which makes them very effective in combatting infections.

Not only do cranberries treat bladder infections, but they are also very beneficial in preventing such infections from occurring in the future. Repeated bouts of bladder infections are also effectively dealt with, using cranberries. Cranberries can be consumed as a juice that can be made by grinding some fresh cranberries. One can also make use of cranberry supplements that can be consumed on a daily basis.