6 Natural Remedies For Cholesterol

6 Natural Remedies For Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an organic chemical substance, commonly a type of lipid or fat, which is manufactured by the liver and is considered to be good for the body when it’s level is normal. However, when the level of cholesterol increases in the body, it becomes harmful. It is carried in the blood by lipoproteins that are molecules which contain lipid and protein. Bad cholesterol, also called low density lipoprotein (LDL), carry cholesterol from liver to the cells.

When excess of cholesterol is carried, it gets collected in the blood vessels resulting in a number of diseases. The most common is the blockage of arteries and hardening them, which is referred to as atherosclerosis. There are ways to counter high cholesterol and they are as under.

Top Natural Remedies For Cholesterol


This is a popular source of cutting out bad cholesterol from your body. Although, this should not be taken in excess as it may also result in problems with blood clotting. However, this can be taken after meals to alleviate cholesterol from the blood.


Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids decrease cholesterol levels by reducing the rate at which liver produces the lipoproteins. Food rich in omega 3 should help to achieve the same.Foods like salmon fish, tuna, walnuts, etc are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. They have anti inflammatory properties which help to keep the blood clean and plaque free.

omega 3


Oats have been tested to lower cholesterol levels in the blood.Oatmeal is taken during breakfast every morning to maintain a healthy bad cholesterol free system.


It has soluble fibers which absorb the cholesterol present in the body and gets rid of it.


Fiber is also another good source of lowering LDL. Citrus, lentils, beans, fruits,etc are very good for the body. These help in reducing cholesterol as the fiber is soluble in nature. Insert some good amount of fiber in your diet to lower cholesterol levels in the body.


Exercise Regularly

Losing weight may also help in reducing the bad cholesterol in the body. Exercise burns the lipid present in the body thereby eliminating cholesterol.

exercise regular

Older people may choose to run or walk and keep their bodies fit instead of going for hard core exercise. Aerobics work well too.

Eliminate Bad Fat

The bad fat which is known as trans-fat and saturated fat should be kept at bay if cholesterol levels are to be managed. When preparing a diet chart for yourself, do not include food products that have trans-fat and saturated fat in them. One should steer clear from hydrogenated vegetable oil as it is a good source of trans-fat.

eliminate bad food

Olive Oil

Rich in monounsaturated fat,olive oil is a great option to counter those LDP present in the body. This type of fat is good for the body and fights cholesterol.Cook your food with olive oil instead of any other vegetable oil to reap its benefits.

olive oil

Exclude Nicotine

Smoking is a very dangerous thing for the body. It leads to many diseases and hence is bad for the health. Non smokers have high count of high density lipoproteins which is beneficial for the body, otherwise known as good cholesterol.

exclude nicotin