Natural Remedies For Depression

Natural Remedies For Depression Depression is the disease of modern age. It is turning out to be the second deadly disease after diabetes. There are many factors that cause depression, it can be hereditary, too much stress or a person who is suffering from life threatening disease like cancer or HIV may go into depression.

In certain cases a person may suffer from depression due to malnutrition as it can cause nutritional deficiency that can hamper with the functioning of vital organs.

The major symptoms of depression may vary from person to person. It commonly affects their:

Emotional feelings

A depressed person becomes moody and she/he suddenly feels very happy or becomes extremely sad. She/he may feel irritated without any reason or become short tempered. Sometimes there is a feeling of helplessness and uselessness and it generates inferiority complex.

Thought process

Pessimism is a characteristic of depression. Lack of self confidence and inability to take decisions are also present in a depressive person. She/he is unable to concentrate and may become forgetful.

Physical well being

Depression also affects a person physically. She/he feels tired all the time and may suffer from insomnia. Loss of appetite and poor performance in all kinds of activity are the common symptoms of depression.

Behavioural Changes

Due to a feeling of low self esteem a person becomes socially withdrawn and becomes isolated. This condition aggravates depression and it results in chronic sadness.

Remedies for Depression


This is one of the most effective ways to treat depression. The patient has one on one talk with the psychotherapist and the doctor tries to identify the root cause of depression by following a series of sittings with the patient. It helps to build the confidence of the patient and improves his state of mind.


Depression can be effectively treated with the help of yoga. People who are suffering from depression should start with Ujjayee Pranayama and follow it up with Suryanamaskar and Uttanpada Asana.

surya namaskar

At a later stage they can include Bhujanga Asana, Paschimottan Asana, Trikona asana, Sarvanga Asana and Hala Asana. You should follow this programme under expert guidance.


A common tendency among people who are suffering from depression is that they stop meeting people and withdraw themselves in a shell. This does not help them in any way.

You should make an effort to mix up with your friends and family and participate in social activities in your society. It will help to boost your self confidence and will make you more positive in your attitude. Take up any sports activity of your choice which involves other people.

Diet Remedies for Depression

You should eat a healthy and nutritious diet that is rich in vitamin C and B complex. Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices to detoxify your system.
Make tea with tulsi and sage to remove depression.

Ginseng or Ashwagandha and Brahmi is a good remedy for depression. Make a decoction with ½ teaspoon Ashwagandha and ½ teaspoon Brahmi and simmer it in 1 cup water till it is reduced to half. Drink it slowly twice a day.
Above all Be Positive