Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Natural Remedies For Hair Loss Hair loss is a condition in which there would be constant thinning of hair and hair fall. Too much of hair fall will lead to baldness, but there are various methods of curing baldness.

The best method to prevent hair loss that leads to baldness is the natural method. This article discusses various methods to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss.

Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Henna Treatment

Take mehendi leaves from plant that is under sun. Take three spoons of tea powder and boil it in a cup of water. Make sure that you make strong black tea sans sugar and you should keep it aside for cooling. You should take some fenugreek seeds and soak it in water for two hours.

Then, you should add the soaked fenugreek seeds to the tea powder and mix all the ingredients together. You should add gooseberry paste to this ingredient and you should add ½ teaspoon of lime juice to this mixture. You should mix all these ingredients together and you should keep this mixture overnight. You should keep an iron material soaked in the mixture or you should keep this mixture in an iron coated pan.

Next day, you should add beaten egg to this mixture and two spoonfuls of curds to this mixture and mix it well. You should add two teaspoons of powdered cloves to this mixture and mix it well. Keep this mixture aside for one hour and you should apply it in your head using a brush.

You should sit for two hours before washing off the natural henna. Do this once in a week to strengthen your hair and we would always recommend that you should make natural henna powder rather than use an artificial henna powder.

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Natural Remedies for Hair Loss is to Improve Your Diet

You should intake high dose of vitamin A foods like pumpkin, papaya and carrots. Mangoes are also found to strengthen your hair follicle and hair roots and you should include it in your daily diet. You should understand that too much of vitamin A would lead to hair fall and you should intake vitamin A rich foods moderately.

Almonds and soy foods would provide your body with necessary Vitamin E and would help in growth of your body. Oranges would supply your body with vitamin C and would help your body free of chemicals. Chickpeas which are rich in zinc would help in hair growth.

Massage your Hair Using Coconut Oil

The best natural remedies for hair loss are to massage your hair with specially made coconut oil. You should boil coconut oil in a deep pan and you should add the hair growth mixture. To make hair growth mixture, you should mix eight hibiscus flowers, five large spoons of curry leaves, five large spoons of mehendi leaves, eight small onions and eight dried gooseberries soaked in water.

You should boil this oil until it becomes dark in color and you should apply this oil in your head and massage it in your scalp for thirty minutes before taking a bath. Lavender, almond, jojoba oil are also best for your head and would reduce your dandruff level.

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