7 Natural Remedies For Migraines

7 Natural Remedies For Migraines

Migraine is a serious type of a headache which has the symptoms of nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light. It is a genetic disorder and occurs mostly to women. It can be caused by loud noise, stress, anxiety, bright lights, some foods, etc. The pain that migraine attacks cause is extremely painful and can last for hours and days.

Although migraine attacks can be treated with over the counter medicines but most people do not want to resort to medicine, rather they are inclined towards the good use of natural remedies. There are a few suggestions which have been tried and tested for centuries by patients diagnosed with migraine.

Top Natural Remedies For Migraines


This pretty little white flower can be a miraculous treatment for your migraine.Tanacetum parthenium contains parthenolide which is a powerful chemical which is present in this flower and which soothes migraine pains and if had regularly, it may even cure migraine completely.


The leaves of this flower can be had raw as in chewed raw, or may even be boiled with water and consumed.

Omega 3

It is another helpful treatment which works wonders for migraine patients. As a result of inflammation of the tissue around the brain, migraine attacks are caused. This can be successfully prevented by omega 3 fatty acids which would help reduce such inflammation.

omega 3

Supplements of omega 3 are readily available in the market. If you do not want to take supplements then you may have food rich in omega 3, for example salmon fish and flax seed.


This is another herb which relieves patients from migraine attacks and headaches. Spasms are relieved by its intake and also the inflammation of the tissues is reduced.


This herb has been used in medicines for time immemorial as the chemicals present in this plant are extremely effective in curing ailments like migraines, etc. The butterbur root is also a great remedy for the same.

Xiao Yao Wan

This is a very good Chinese medicine which is used and recommended by doctors and nutritionists. Liver problems sometimes cause migraines and this problem can be solved by clearing your liver from the harmful toxins by taking this Chinese medicine.

Xiao Yao Wan

Migraine attacks can be warded off by having this natural medicine made from plant roots, mushrooms and rhizomes.


Ginger works great for stomach pains and it also helps to reduce inflammation of the tissues of the brain when migraine attacks take place. Ginger can be boiled with tea and consumed for relief from headaches from migraine.


Physical Activity

Migraines can also be treated by exerting yourself to some physical exercise. By getting engaged in regular exercise like running, walking, aerobics, etc. ,the mind can be calmed and migraines can be averted. Experts say that meditation also helps to reduce migraine attacks and sometimes diminish them completely.

physical activity

Vitamin B2

Riboflavin which is commonly known as vitamin b2 is exceptionally good for migraine patients.This is easily found in milk, meat and in green vegetables. Consumption of such food products which are rich in riboflavin would help defend against migraine attacks.

vitamin b2