Natural Remedies For Shingles

Natural Remedies For Shingles The condition of shingles is caused by the virus named varicella zoster. This is the same virus that is responsible for the common ailment called chicken-pox. Chicken-pox affects a majority of the world’s population at some point of time, particularly during childhood. People who have suffered from chicken-pox are more likely to suffer from shingles than others.

The varicella zoster virus that infected the person in the past does not leave the human body when the case of chicken-pox heals. On the other hand, it remains in the body, in a dormant state. In the rare event that this virus gets active again, the person then suffers from the disease called shingles. Doctors are not very sure about the reason why the varicella zoster virus gets active again after many years of dormancy.

This is why there is no exact way to prevent the occurrence of this disease in human beings. Shingles generally affects one side of the human body, causing severe pain, burning and itching. The skin breaks into numerous painful blisters that leave the patient in extremely agonising pain. Although this sickness is not a contagious one, the sad thing about shingles is that there is no actual cure for it.

The medicines available are only able to counter the symptoms of this terrible ailment. As a person ages and their immunity steadily decreases, they become more prone to getting infected by this virus. Besides medicines that are commonly prescribed by health experts, there are many natural remediesthat can be used to treat shingles.

These herbs and foods are very beneficial in alleviating the pain and itching that are commonly associated with shingles. They also help in drying up the blisters, thereby helping the patient to recover quickly.

Natural Remedies For Shingles

Saint John’s wort

This herb is very effective in the treatment of shingles. The ideal way of using Saint John’s wort is by boiling the herb in water and brewing it as a tea. This tea is then to be strained and cooled. Take a soft cloth and use the tea as a cold compress over the affected skin.

It has a soothing effect on the blisters and speeds up the healing process of this ailment. This herb is also available in the form of capsules that can be consumed orally in order to combat the virus from within the body. This remedy can be used as long as the symptoms of shingles persist.

Sweet potatoes

People suffering from shingles must make sure to include sweet potatoes in their diet. Sweet potatoes are power packed with vital vitamins that help to quicken the process of healing. They are particularly rich in B vitamins and help to strengthen the body’s immunity. If the body’s immunity is strengthened, the person is able to recover from this sickness much faster.

Olive leaves

The extract from olive leaves is a very strong anti-viral agent. Many medicinal experts have said that this extract is exceptionally beneficial in the treatment of shingles. Not only does it help in the treatment of this condition, it also helps to prevent future cases of shingles.

Olive leaf extract promotes the all-round health of the human body by acting on the body’s immune system, causing the person to be less prone to future attacks of the varicella zoster virus. This extract is most easily utilized by consuming it in the form of capsules.


This herb can be utilized in the form of a tea and also as supplements. Passionflower has a very soothing effect on the nerves, causing the patient to feel drowsy. This is very beneficial in speeding up the person’s healing process. High stress levels increase the severity of shingles and passionflower can be used to effectively counter the ill-effects of stress on the body.

Saint John’s wort for Shingles

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Aloe vera

This highly beneficial herb can also be used to give tremendous relief to those suffering from shingles. The fresh gel of the aloe vera leaf is what must be used as a remedy for shingles. Aloe vera must be applied a topical lotion in order for it to act on the inflammation.

Not only does aloe vera moisturize the affected skin, but it also soothes the blisters. Aloe vera is a powerful antiseptic too. The scarring of the skin that normally takes place after shingles can also be averted by this treatment. For this, aloe vera must be applied to the skin on a regular basis, all through this sickness.


This herb is commonly used in the treatment of shingles. Echinacea tea can be consumed on a regular basis all through the course of this sickness. Echinacea can also be consumed in the form of supplements.

The benefit of Echinacea is that it helps to strengthen the person’s immunity, which is helpful in preventing future occurrences of this sickness. It is a strong anti-inflammatory agent and this property of Echinacea makes it effective in the treatment of shingles. It also works on any bacteria that might be present on the skin.


Calamine is readily available in the form of a lotion. This lotion can be applied to the skin on a regular basis, in order to experience much needed relief. The main benefit of calamine lotion is that it significantly reduces the scratchiness and burning on the skin’s surface, which are commonly experienced by those suffering from the condition of shingles.


Cayenne peppers are very effective in the treatment of mild and severe cases of shingles. These peppers contain capsaicin that is an active ingredient when it comes to alleviating the symptom of acute pain. In the case of shingles, it is the severe blistering of the skin that is responsible for the acute pain in the nerves.

This pain can be significantly reduced by the application of cayenne to the skin’s surface. This cayenne is mixed with a lotion base and applied liberally to the affected skin. Even after the skin has healed, you are advised to apply this lotion to the once-affected skin, as cayenne helps to heal the pain that often occurs even after the blisters dry up completely.

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