Natural Remedies for Yeast Infection in Men

Here’s some shocking news to all of you out there who believe that yeast infections occur only in women. The itching, burning and irritation are not restricted to women alone! Even men can develop yeast infections and the side effects that accompany them. And while there are plenty of ways men can contact yeast infections, sex with an infected partner seems to take the top spot!

Also called as Cadidiasis or Candida, yeast infections can be quite troublesome to deal with. They can occur in the areas of the body that are more prone to moisture. These include the lower abdomen, mouth, nailbeds and even the areas under the skin folds.

Yeast Infection in Men

Yeast infections can be treated with an assortment of medical options like creams, medications or suppositories etc. There are also certain treatments available for recurrent yeast infections. However, the issue with these medical remedies is that they would not offer a permanent solution to the problem. The effects of these medications and treatments are mostly temporary after which you would need to find another way to deal with the problem again.

Natural Remedies for Yeast Infections

Contrary to the popular belief that natural remedies are not that effective in treating conditions like yeast infections, there are certain natural remedies that are equally if not more efficient than standard medications and treatments in taking care of a recurrent yeast infection. Furthermore, these natural remedies would not pose any health related risks in the form of side effects that usually accompany OTC medications used for the condition. Here are some of the most common natural remedies for yeast infection in men.

Plenty of Water

Candidiasis is a bacterial infection that is caused by the bacteria living in the body. And drinking plenty of water can actually flush out the bacteria and its infection from the body.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Make it a point to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. If you are suffering from a yeast infection, try to drink a few extra glasses. This would cause you to urinate often, thereby flushing out the bacteria causing the infection from your system. Drinking plenty of water would also flush out excess sugars and other substances that otherwise act as breeding grounds for the Candida bacteria.

Plain, Unsweetened Yogurt

Yogurt contains plenty of good bacteria that would fight off the infection causing bacteria from the body. You can opt to use yogurt both externally and internally for a yeast infection. Accordingly, you can either apply some yogurt over the infected areas (make sure you wipe it off after some time as it can cause irritation) or eat a cup of yogurt before your meals to provide your stomach with the necessary amount of good bacteria it needs to treat the infection.

Make sure that you don’t buy sweetened yogurt for the sugars present in the yogurt would actually do the opposite and start attracting bacteria and infections rather than fighting them off.

Buttermilk Works Too!

A variant of plain yogurt, buttermilk can also be used to treat/control a recurrent yeast infection. Like yogurt, buttermilk contains plenty of good bacteria and healthy microorganisms that can fight off yeast infections and the bacteria causing the same.


As in the case of yogurt, buttermilk can either be applied topically over the infected areas or can be taken with meals.

Raw Garlic

Considered to be a miracle natural remedy for a number of diseases and conditions, including yeast infections, garlic is known to be loaded with plenty of antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties that help keep harmful infections at bay.

Mash a few cloves of garlic to form a paste and gently rub it into the skin in the infected areas. Wash if off after 15-20 minutes. Repeat this procedure at least twice a day for desirable results. Another way to thwart yeast infections using garlic is to eat a few cloves of raw garlic every day. Of course, it would make you smell funny. But at the end of the day, you would have achieved your goal of getting rid of the yeast infection and the bacteria causing it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Naturally derived and less processed apple cider vinegar is known to have curative properties and is often used as an effective remedy for recurrent yeast infections. Although plain white vinegar would also help in removing the bacteria responsible for the condition and preventing the infection from spreading further, chances are it might have a reversing effect and provide favorable conditions for the Candida bacteria to grow.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used internally as well as externally. A word of advice when applying apple cider vinegar over the infected regions of the body though. Apple cider vinegar is very strong and can cause an acute burning sensation when applied directly over the skin (although doing so would kill the yeast bacteria almost instantaneously). If you are not able to handle the pain, you can opt to add a cup of apple cider vinegar to your hot bathwater and take a relaxing dip in it for about 15-20 minutes.

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil which is derived from the oregano herb is used as a very common natural remedy for yeast infections in men. It can be taken internally (be sure to follow the directions on the pack) or can be applied topically over the infected areas (use a diluted variant). An ingredient called Carvacrol present in Oregano Oil is responsible for fighting off the yeast infection. So make sure you get oil that contains high carvacrol content.

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Tea Tree Oil

Another essential oil used to treat recurrent yeast infections, Tea Tree Oil contains potent antibacterial and antifungal properties that help to directly attack the Candida bacteria responsible for the yeast infection.

Tea Tree Oil

Applying some tea tree oil over the infected areas can provide immense relief from the pain, itchiness and irritation that accompany yeast infections. Make it a point to rub the oil on the infected areas regularly for best results.

Natural Remedies for Mouth Yeast Infections

Although mouth yeast infections or thrush as they are popularly called are more prevalent in infants and small children, adults can contract the issue as well. Mouth yeast infections need to be treated immediately as they can become serious issues with time. If not treated properly, they could lead to the formation of patchy, white sores in and around the mouth. In addition to looking very unpleasant, these sores can be pretty uncomfortable and can also bleed if tongued or scraped.

Mouth Yeast Infections

Mouth yeast infections can be caused by a number of contributing factors like asthmatic inhalers (steroids in the medication can cause yeast infections), a weakened immune system, diabetes (excess sugars in the mouth can support the growth of the Candida bacteria in the region), a dry mouth and antibiotics (overdoses can kill the good bacteria in the body) etc.

Some of the more common natural remedies used for treating/controlling mouth yeast infections in adult men include warm saltwater rinses, drinking cool beverages and liquids to soothe the infection, starving the infection by avoiding complex carbohydrates and sugars completely and a dye called Gentian Violet that kills the fungi and bacteria responsible for causing the yeast infection.