Natural Remedies to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction): No man would like to accept the truth that he is impotent. This word would challenge his masculinity and hurt his self esteem yet this is a bitter truth that many people become the victim of impotence.

Causes of Temporary Impotence (ED) and Permanent Impotence

There are various reasons for Erectile Dysfunction which include serious diseases like prostrate cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, hypertension, age, side effects of some drugs, lack of exercise, obesity, unhealthy diet etc.

You don’t have to worry if you have developed impotence due to obesity, lack of exercise or unhealthy diet because impotence caused due to these health conditions are temporary and you can cure them with the help of natural remedies. However, impotence caused due to prostrate cancer, age (if you are above 60-70 years), severe diabetes condition may lead to permanent impotence and you need to seek medical help to cure impotence.

Given below are some natural remedies to cure impotence.


It is one of the biggest sources of selenium. Selenium is one of the vital nutrients needed for testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that is chiefly responsible for all the sexual activities in a man, hence it is also called as male hormone. If your testosterone level would be high, you will feel aroused and you will also get the desired erection. Selenium also plays vital role in increasing your sperm count and sperm health. Since garlic is rich in selenium, it helps you a lot in treating impotence which is often referred as erectile dysfunction.

Garlic also contains allicin which is a powerful antioxidant and cures most of your sexual problems as well as any other health problems. This spice is also rich in Vitamin C, which is highly beneficial in curing erectile dysfunction and impotence. Vitamin C increases the blood flow to your sexual organs which causes erection and increase in testosterone level. Vitamin C also causes production of high volumes of sperm; hence you don’t suffer from low sperm count.

Above all, garlic stimulates the production of nitric oxide in your brain which plays vital role in causing erection and in curing most of the sexual disorders.

Consumption of raw garlic is one of the most beneficial natural ways to cure impotence. Chew or swallow a few cloves of raw garlic on your empty stomach. Don’t get tempted to consume too many cloves of garlic in order to achieve fast result. Consumption of more than 3-4 raw garlic on empty stomach regularly may cause skin rashes and other problems.


Exercise is one of the surest ways to cure impotence if your impotence is temporary. Impotence is caused due to poor blood circulation. Due to poor supply of blood to your penis, you don’t achieve erection even if you have the urge for sex. This condition develops due to lack of exercise. When you don’t indulge into physical activities, your arteries and blood vessels get hardened and lose their elasticity. Your Vitamin K level also rises which makes your blood thick. This prevents your blood to flow in your system smoothly which gives rise to various problems such as high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, headache etc.

Exercise makes your arteries flexible and thins your blood by reducing the amount of Vitamin K in your blood. Thus blood flow in your system becomes smooth.

Exercise also strengthens your heart which is very necessary if you want to perform any sexual act successfully. Exercise causes more production of testosterone hormone which cures almost all your sexual disorders.

Walking, swimming, jogging, dancing etc are very effective exercises to cure impotence but you need to exercise daily for at least 1 hour. In order to increase your testosterone level, you need put some extra effort in doing hard exercises such as weight lifting, push ups etc.

Meditation & Yoga:

Meditation and yoga are also very effective in curing impotence because yoga improves your blood circulation and makes your immune system strong. While practicing yoga and meditation, right way of breathing (inhaling and exhaling) is of vital importance. Yoga and meditation have the power to clean the plaque deposits on the walls of your arteries which is a big cause of erectile dysfunction. When you inhale and exhale air in proper way, your blood vessels and arteries constrict and expand which is a very good exercise of your blood vessels. This makes your arteries and blood vessels flexible and reduces blood pressure. This process also helps your system to clean the fatty deposits on the walls of the arteries to great extent. Thus blood flow is smooth throughout your body and your sexual organs receive sufficient amount of blood and eventually impotence is cured.

Meditation also gives you relief from stress and mental problems. Stress and mental problems play vital role in causing sexual problems.


Massage of your body is also good option to cure impotence. Your whole body (including your sexual organs) needs oil massage so that blood circulation can improve. There are various oils that cause blood vessels to widen which eventually allow blood to flow smoothly to your sexual organs.


Foreplay is of vital importance in sexual activities. You should get involved in sufficient foreplay with your partner. If still you can’t achieve erection, the reason may be that you have some psychological reasons such as fear or guilt or stress. You have to overcome these psychological factors to cure impotence (or erectile dysfunction). Your partner should not mock at you or make fun of your impotence. In fact your partner should help you to overcome erectile dysfunction by boosting your confidence. Hence don’t be with a partner who makes fun of your erection problems. This will worsen your condition.

Stages of Erectile Dysfunction

There are various stages of erectile dysfunction. Some men successfully achieve erection on stimulation but they fail to sustain it till they have completed the act. Some men get erection but their erection is not hard enough to perform the act successfully. Some men can not achieve erection at all.

If you can not achieve erection at all, you also need to consult sex therapist or your doctor, apart from using natural remedies to cure impotence. But if you achieve erection but fail to maintain it for a longer duration, you can overcome this problem through natural remedies, home remedies to cure impotence and other types of treatments.

Remember, if you face erection problem always or most of the times, only then you should consider yourself a patient of erectile dysfunction. If you don’t achieve erection in a few cases, you do not suffer from ED or impotence. It’s natural!