7 Natural Remedies To High Blood Pressure

7 Natural Remedies To High Blood Pressure

In today’s busy, hectic and stressful life,health problems are always around the corner. Diabetes insipidus,high blood pressure,out-of-control cholesterol are a common member of the household in every family.Fighting such diseases with high dosage of steroids and anti-biotics is something even most doctors don’t recommend.

Proper exercises and naturally available remedies are more preferred.Their effects mostly vary from individual to individual, but are nevertheless very helpful.Most of them help control and minimize the effects of these diseases to near-normality, but do not totally cure the disease. Some natural remedies to control and lower your high blood pressure have been discussed below:

Best Natural Remedies To High Blood Pressure

Dietary And Nutritional Approach To A Healthy Life

It has been revealed that proper and disciplined diet contributes hugely to controlling elevated blood pressure. Proper consumption of vegetables, fruits, dairy products with low fat content, poultry, fish is necessary. However, soft drinks, aerated beverages (with sugar), red meats and sweets should be avoided.

eat nutrition food

The dietary plan is particularly effective if you suffer from elevated blood pressure due to obesity. It helps in controlling and minimizing elevation of blood pressure for others.The dietary plan is very helpful in controlling hypertension, which is a common factor in high blood pressure patients.

Controlled And Reduced Intake Of Salt 

Sodium has adverse actions in patients with elevated blood pressure. Approximately less than 2.4 grams of sodium are recommended per day by the National Institute of Health. Sodium is mostly found in edible salts.

salty food

Controlling your diet with a reduced salt intake and increasing limited amounts of potassium intake will help you maintain a healthy heart and disciplined blood pressure.

Increased Water Intake

As simple as it may sound,water has lots of positive effects on our body, other than hydrating our body. It is accessory to a solution in many cases. Increased fluid intake enforces osmosis to take place in our blood vessels.

drink plenty of water

Fluids flow out from a region with higher volumes of fluid to lesser, causing the pressure in our blood vessels to fall.Men should drink about 3 liters of water every day,as for women, they should try and drink 2.2 liters of water every day.

Limited Alcohol Consumption 

Alcohol consumption should be limited as more than three drinks in a single sitting increases your blood pressure for the time being. However continued indulgence can lead to permanent elevated blood pressure. The Mayo Clinic advises moderate drinking.

alcohol consumption

Moderate drinking refers -two drinks per day for males less than 65 years,one drink per day for older than 65 years and one drink a day for women,without any age constraints. “Drink” refers to 355 ml of beer or 148 ml of wine or 44 ml of 80-proof distilled spirits.


Institute of National Food Science,Germany claims that chemicals are found in cocoa called polyphenols. Polyphenols have been known to be anti-oxidant, along with other uses. It is suggested that 5 cups of regular intake can help curb high blood pressure.


Another chemical found in cocoa called flavanol helps stimulate proper blood flow to all vital parts of the body.


Garlic has been suggested and it’s widely known for its anti-cholesterol effects.If raw cloves of garlic seem too distasteful, capsules can be taken or can be eaten with cooked food.


Dosage for capsules is recommended at 1-2 capsules twice daily.It helps eradicate spasms in the arteries and regulate blood pressure.

Healthy Conclusion

Hopefully, these are some natural tips, measures and remedies that can help control and reduce high blood pressure. More than this what is needed, is the will to undertake these steps and live healthily.Believe you are well and soon enough you will be well.

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