Natural Therapy For Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux therapy Acid reflux is a very troublesome condition which occurs when the sphincter muscle around the oesophagus does not function properly. This muscle plays a pivotal role in the process of digestion as it prevents the ingested food from making its way up to the mouth again.

This sphincter muscle is present over the oesophagus and it shuts after the person consumes food. However, in the case of acid reflux, the sphincter muscle remains slightly open even after the person consumes food. The food then reaches the stomach and mixes with the digestive enzymes.

This semi-digested food then travels back up through the oesophagus of the person and causes burning throughout the area. In some cases, it reaches the mouth and leaves the person with a very bitter taste. Acid reflux can be treated with the help of dietary changes, exercises and herbal treatment. It is important to treat this condition before it causes major damage to the oesophagus.

Therapy For Acid Reflux

Deep Breathing and Pilates

Most cases of acid reflux are caused by stress. When a person is stressed, his digestive system is affected in a negative way and this causes a wide range of problems including acid reflux. Stress causes the production of excessive amounts of stomach acid and this acid travels back up to the mouth through the oesophagus.

In such cases, it is important to include simple exercises in your everyday routine. This helps to combat the symptoms of this condition in an effective way. Deep breathing exercises are normally prescribed by physicians as they are very easy and can be done by people without any assistance.

Therapy For Acid Reflux

Pilates are also helpful as they help to minimize the amount of stressexperienced by the person. It is important to seek the approval of your physician before performing any exercises to treat this condition.

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Acupuncture is often used to treat the symptom of heartburn which is associated with this condition. This therapy involves the use of very tiny needles which are poked into the skin of the patient. These needles are only poked into certain important points in the body. It is important to be treated by an expert in this field in order to gain relief.

Acupuncture is very effective in relieving the symptom of burning which is associated with this condition. Many people have experienced relief after a few acupuncture sessions.

The Use of Prokinetic Agents

These agents are often used to treat cases of acid reflux. They help to boost the functioning of the digestive system. This is done by strengthening the muscles which are present in the abdomen and the intestines. When these muscles are strengthened, they are able to digest the food at a much faster rate and this prevents the problem of acid reflux.

These agents also help to tighten the sphincter muscle which is supposed to cover the opening of the oesophagus. When this happens, the food cannot make its way back up to the mouth. Many cases of acid reflux have been treated with the help of prokinetic agents.