Natural Treatment For Asthma

Natural Treatment For Asthma Asthma is a respiratory disorder. A patient feels difficulty in breathing that causes uneasiness, drowsiness and irritability. In a severe attack of asthma the breathing comes with a whizzing or a whistling sound. The patient experiences extreme discomfort and is unable to sleep.

The chief cause of asthma is believed to be excess formation of phlegm in the respiratory tract. When the patient is unable to expel the phlegm it interferes with the breathing process. Asthma is considered a chronic disease and it may be hereditary.

In most cases it has been observed that asthma patients suffer from some kind of allergy related to food, pollen or dust particles. Asthma attacks may worsen during the change of season or at the time of harvesting.

Asthma patients need to take care of their diet. They should eat foods which prevent phlegm and should avoid heavy and rich foods like fats, milk, fish or meats.

Natural Treatment For Asthma


The bark of Arjuna tree is beneficial for treating asthma naturally. Make a decoction of 1 tea spoon powder of Arjuna bark and a glass of water. Boil the water till it is reduced to half. The patient should drink this decoction when it is still hot and should avoid eating anything for ½ an hour. The decoction should be taken once a day.

Bishop’s Weed (Ajwain)

Ajwain seeds are useful for treating asthma as it helps to give relief from dried up phlegm. Take 1 tea spoon Ajwain seeds and boil it in one litre water till it is reduced to half. Drink this decoction two- three times a day to treat asthma naturally. You can chew ¼ tea spoon Ajwain seeds with a pinch of rock salt for easy breathing.


Celery is a salad plant and is a basic food. It is useful for treating spasmodic disorders. You can eat celery as a vegetable or add it in your salad or soup to treat asthma naturally.


Datura is a useful herb for treating asthma. You should inhale the smoke of burning leaves of Datura to help expel the phlegm from respiratory tract. Datura also has sleep inducing properties and should be inhaled carefully. This treatment should not be applied on children.


Garlic is a wonder herb for treating respiratory disorders. Its juice helps to dissolve accumulated phlegm in the respiratory tract. Three garlic pods should be boiled in a glass of milk and should be taken at night. It will help you to breathe easily and sleep comfortably.

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Ginger is considered a Maha- Aushadhi in Ayurveda medicine. Half tea spoon ginger juice mixed with equal amount of honey should be taken twice a day to relieve an asthma attack. Ginger acts as an expectorant.

Holy Basil (tulsi)

Tulsi or holy basil is one the most effective natural treatment for asthma. Make a decoction with tulsi leaves, honey and ginger to relieve breathing problem during an asthma attack.


Turmeric has antispasmodic properties and it is a useful remedy for treating respiratory disorders. You should mix one tea spoon turmeric powder in a glass of hot milk and drink it twice a day. Drink this mixture on an empty stomach in morning for better results.