Natural Treatment For Head Lice

Natural Treatment For Head Lice Head lice can plague all age groups and it is a dreadful hair problem. Lice are pests which grow in hair in form of small insects and eggs that are called nits. Head lice can cause a lot of itching and scalp infection.

Lice spread extremely fast from one person to another. It can get transferred to your head via combs and hair brush or by sharing the same towel for scrubbing your head.

Lice can be transmitted by sleeping in the same bed with a lice infested person. You may get infected with lice while trying a head gear like a hat or a scarf in the market.

Lice can also travel in your hair after a visit to a hair salon. There are several head lice shampoos and lotions available in the market, but they contain harmful chemicals which can cause damage to the eyes or cause skin rashes.

Children are especially affected by these harmful products. You can get rid of head lice by using safe and natural products that are easily available in your home or you can buy them from the market.

Safe And Natural Treatment for Lice

Essential Oils for Lice

Certain essential oils are highly beneficial for lice. Eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, aniseed oil, rosemary oil and lemon oil are some of the essential oils that help to treat lice in a natural way.

You can use olive oil or coconut oil as base oil and mix 10 -15 drops of any of the above mentioned oils in it. Rub the oil in your scalp, cover the head with a shower cap and leave it on for one hour and wash with a mild shampoo. You can even mix 10-15 drops of tea tree essential oilin your shampoo and use it to wash your hair.

Mustard Oil and Camphor for Lice

Make a paste with ½ tea spoon camphor powder and ¼ cup warm mustard oil. Apply it in the scalp and cover your head. Leave it on overnight and wash your hair with a mild shampoo in the morning.

Treatment For Head Lice

Camphor helps to kill lice. When the hair are semi dry, run a narrow toothed comb through them to remove the dead lice and nits.

Neem Oil for Lice

Another effective and safe natural treatment for lice is neem oil. Mix neem oil and mustard or coconut oil in equal proportion and massage it in your hair.

Wrap muslin to cover your head and leave it on for 2 hours. Wash your hair using baby shampoo or any mild shampoo to remove the oil. Gently brush the hair when semi dry to remove the dead lice.

Vinegar for Lice

Make a solution of olive oil and vinegar. Rub it in the scalp. Wash hair after 1 hour to treat lice naturally.

Useful Tips

You need to follow any of the above mentioned natural treatmenst for at least to three times a week to get rid of head lice.
Most of the treatments help to kill the lice but the nits remain alive and stick to the hair shafts.

Use a narrow toothed comb to comb out the nits from hair. You should use one treatment at a time for effective results.